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Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Apk

Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Apk – Install WhatsApp new video calling APK here and activate WhatsApp video call the latest version on your mobile devices such as android phones, blackberry phones, iPad,iPhones, pc windows and laptop etc.

Whatsapp Calling Apk Installation

On this page, we want to let you know that WhatsApp video call messenger is the reality so you can do well to download new WhatsApp video call messenger for easy interaction with your families and friends.

Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Apk

On this platform, we are going to show you so many things about this WhatsApp free video call APK ranging from WhatsApp messenger description, features, and steps to activate free WhatsApp video call.

Whatsapp Video calling Apk Install – WhatsApp free video calling is the easiest and fastest way to communicate with friends and family both in the same region or far region in a very instant reply.

Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Apk Features

Free Video Calling is a cross-platform app with a wide range of communication features including

Free messaging
File transfer
Push notifications,
Audio/video calls.
Use instant messaging,
Voice or video calls feature to keep in touch with friends and family
Enjoy private and group conversations with your contacts.
Use simple FB registration to fill in your profile and register account.
Video Call will automatically connect you with your phone and Facebook contacts, who already use VCall. So there is no need to add your friends manually.
Push notifications will inform you about missed chat messages and calls even if you are offline.
Don’t worry, VCall will retrieve chat history during the next application use.
IM MESSAGES STATUSES: Send, read, now typing.
Below here now we shall be guiding you on how to activate WhatsApp video calling apps on your android phones and another mobile device.

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How To Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Apk

Launch and Go to your mobile browser
Visit or Click here 
When you have done that click on INSTALL
Then still click on save file for it to download WhatsApp video call fully.

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