Android Phones Hidden settings | Infinix call settings step-by-step

all infinix call setting

On this web page we have provided the pictorial step by step guides on how to get to your Infinix call settings with just few click on your smart Android phone just as you read along to learn a better way to be in control of your Android device like removing restricted number, finding your call settings, removing your cell ID from Hide.


infinix call settings

Android smart Mobile Phones Infinix call settings step-by-step

As we guide you on this page to learn more on how you can make your mobile phone settings below are the common suggestion which people easily say on how to find infinix call setting

can’t find the call settings feature in my infinix note 2LTE.

click here on call dailar, and then go to the top on your right click on …

The use of search box App on the smart device may help.

Learn how to block unwanted calls in 3 easy steps

1. Tap on the contact App, find the number and click on edit
2. In Android 5.0 & above, Tap the Menu …”Three dots in the to right Conner”.
3. select “All calls to voicemail”, and then save.

Step by step locating Infinix call settings feature

First swap or unlock your infinix device if in luck

Locate the Phone App on the device homepage or background

Tap on the Phone App

Click at the top right corner menu

Tap on settings

click on calling Account

Tap on the cell as shown below

Click on “Additional settings”

Tap on “Caller ID”

Select “Network default or show number”

How to set Call forwarding in your smart phones

As you tap on call settings, then click on Call forwarding

Select any as listed

  1. When busy
  2. when unanswered
  3. Always forward
  4. when unreachable

infinix call settings

Also learn more about All your phones settings which you can do with mobile codes, getting to know more About email services, and how you make your mobile phone your best friends as Technology & Science rules the world today.

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