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Get your mobile/laptop avast antivirus free download and license key

Avast antivirus free download with free license products key – this is one of the best antivirus for both your smart mobile devices and laptops devices this article will give you a free avast antivirus free download link with free license key or product key for all your devices be it smart mobile phones or desktop/laptop devices freely…

mobile and laptop avast antivirus free download and license key

Get your mobile/laptop avast antivirus free download and license key

Bear mind the reason of your device being very slow in loading a page during browsing or slow in opening any of your tap application icon will always be due to over loading your processor or your storage drives with junk files which we will also give you a short and simple system command which you can use and delete the already downloaded files off your system for your system faster processing and performance.

The amazing features of avast antivirus free

Online protection: this avast antivirus will always protect your smart device online always, bear in mind that there are many web sites which uses unwanted programmes to protect their various programmes of which when ever your log in to that particular platform your vices will be exposed to virus, this application and many others which we will provide the link below will always help you in protecting your smart devices when ever your are online for one reason or another.
Offline protection : This application will always protect your device offline always, protecting your offline is like the protection giving to your smart device when you are connected with another device via Bluetooth, WiFi etc…

avast antivirus free download and license key amazing features

Junk file removal : with this application your device will be protected against downloading unwanted files in to your smart devices, also we will provide below a short and simple code which you can use to remove the already downloaded junk file from your smart devices free.
USB protection: this application will always prevent virus attack from any device when you plug in any storage device into your laptop/desktop or mobile phone.
App-luck : this smart swift application will give you access to protect your important application from unauthorized users from making you use of your applications without your concepts.
System free backup : this application will give you the access to backup your important documents to avoid file corruption.

Anti-theft alarm: this application will always give you a notification when ever a new sim card have being inserted in to your smart mobile device and for laptop/desktop the last location your device will be send to your email address for your easier tracking of the device.
free account registration: this application will always give access to an account ID were you will be allowed to manage your device or devices connected to that account on your own from the account you can be using google map to know the various location off your device at a particular point in time freely.
With the above features and many more you should try this nice anti-theft protection application for your device better performance

How to delete junk files from your personal computer (laptop/desktop)

Step 1. click on the search on your desktop/laptop operating system background.

step 2. a search box will appear telling you “search the web or windows”. Then input this short code “%temp%” and click “ENTER KEY”.

Step 3. You then press “CTRL+A” to highlight all.

Step 4. Press “SHIFT+Delete” then a pop out question which will be asking you due you want to delete the files

Step 5. Just click “YES” or “Y Key”all the JUNK files will be deleted automatically from your computer or if it entered into your recycle bin. then empty the Bin.

your computer is now very much free from JUNK files and it will perform faster than before also check your free space on your local disk C: will increase as you do so. Free your system today and get a better performance

.Get your mobile/laptop avast antivirus free download and license key

latest Avast antivirus free download

Download Avast Antivirus free from avast.com or you can search ‘avast antivirus’ on Google play store or iTunes store.

smart mobile Avast antivirus free download now

Desktop/laptop Avast antivirus free download now



You can still follow the link below for your free license registration just click “HERE

You can freely make your choice from the above or below virus protection software “antivirus”

Antivirus free download now for both mobile devices or desktop/laptop device

Original USB security free download now mobile devices or Desktop/Laptop devices

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