Biography of Nasty Blaq, Networth, Relationship, Age and Achievement

Biography of Nasty Blaq

We all heard the story about an Instagram comedian Nasty Blaq getting his dream car after posting it in his Instagram story.

Today we would be giving the full biography of nasty blaq, his Networth, age and relationship Status.

Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu popularly known by his comedy or Instagram name Nasty Blaq is a youtuber, content creator and a business man, let’s not forget, his also and investor.

Born on the 23rd of September 1996, so he is currently 25 years old. The Lagos brought up attended Campus High School where he finished his Secomdary school and further went ahead for the University at the South America University, USA.


While in secondary school he was very popular and well known for his comic behaviour, he was one of the comedians the school had.

When he left secondary school, he didn’t give up on the dream of becoming a comedian rather he improved himself.

2016, he officially started making skits and post them on Facebook,  Instagram and YouTube.

He was gradually building his fan base till 2019 when he bounced to the limelight after posting a video about relationship matters and it caught the attention of other big celebrities.

He has so far been on the same skit with other big comedians and music artiste like Sdney Talker, Pankeroy, Nasboi, Teni and other big comedians.

It will be wrong to say that every celebrity is loved,  well it might interest you to know that there are the ones with the highest enemies in the world.

Nasty is not an exception, this was proved when he made a video about raping a girl and going to collect oil.

It was a highly talked about video as some human right activist said it’s promoting Rape and Sexual Assault.

Nasty cane to the media to apologise for the video, stating that he didn’t know it will be seen in that manner.



Recently, Nasty Blaq and BBNAIJA Tolanibaj have been reported to be in a relationship. Even during an interview with Ebuka she said she is in something serious.


The currently Networth of Nasty Blaq is estimated to be going down to $150,000 and counting.

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