Bird 🐦: Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Bird


The natural wild life, has a lot life lessons in store for us. Here are some of the teachings; Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Bird 🐦..


Bird 🐦: Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Bird 🐦


I always wonder what this bird �is saying when she sings (�behind my window every morning �until I asked her one day.

The meaning of her song really touched my heart �that morning as she said;

🎼 wake up wake up �my friend it’s a beautiful morning�, how I wish you wake up and see how the day covers the night�.

But have you ever think of a blind �who only have to believe but not to see how beautiful is the day?

Have you ever think of the blind�who always have a second fear when ever he/ she walks alone

I tried to hold my tears � from falling but the little bird� kept on asking me.

Have you ever felt sorry for the blind who’s days and nights are the same� (dark)?

You turn your room light on and off when ever you want to.

When it rains� you quickly hide under a shade . the blind will be confused� if there’s no one to give him a helping hand�

Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Bird 🐦

Tears continue to drop from my eyes, �Stop crying my friend, says the bird�

You asked for the meaning of my song� and I explained to you.

But remember you are blessed with two seeing eyes� for free. If you fail to thank God for his blessings, then you are the real blind even though your eyes will remain wide opened�

For how long will you keep crying while u can stop it and thank him for the eyes you are blessed with and the other favours.

I then remember I have good friends whom I can send this message to help me thank God for the blessing given us.

Kindly send it to all your friends, so that we can all thank God Almighty for his wonderful Blessings.

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