BoomPlay Music App free Signup -Subscribe and Sell your music Now

Boomplay Music App

Have you been trying on how to register free, Sell your music or Subscribe on Boom play music? …We have provided this Article -BoomPlay Music App free Signup -Subscribe and Sell your music now.

Boomplay Music App

Here comes BoomPlayer: Your Go-To App for Everything Music now

What is Boomplay?

Boomplay is a free digital content “Music and Video (are available for streaming and download)” application that allows music lovers to get access to a huge catalog of music and videos from African and International artists.

What is the difference between Streaming, Download and Offline Play?

Streaming is when you listen to music/videos on Boomplayer or YouTube online using your Internet/Data connection.

Offline Play is similar to Download but is only possible with an active subscription. Music and Videos synced for offline play just like Youtube offline movie play Guide cannot be transferred to other devices like Samsung devices, Tecno devices, infinix devices, Sony devices and can only be listened to for the period of your subscription.

Unique features of  Boomplay Music

Boomplay Music provides the free App download for your direct access to your Account

With this App downloaded and installed in your various smartphone devices like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Windows, Nokia, Tecno, Infinix … you get one-month free subscription just like Netflix Movies App, DStv Movies App, iRoko movies App, unlike Tubi TV which the App download, registration and lift-time subscription are free.

Boom play Music App provides a daily update via notification to Millions if not billions of user every day in the world today.

Fast loading Ability of Boom play Music App is very Amazing as you can easily stream your video or music both online and offline at any point.

Boom player has made it possible for you to sell your music worldwide just with few clicks.

How can I create an account on the app?

Simply open the App, tap on ‘Menu’ in the top left corner, tap the ‘Login’ icon as a member or are you New Here? BoomPlay Music App free Signup Available here’ to create your account from the provided links here. You can also create an account with Facebook, Twitter or Palmchat.

Boomplay Music App

How can I pay for music and videos via Boomplay?

Coins are used to buy music or videos here on Boomplay Music App. You can recharge your Coins by below: But note that 1 Coin is equal to 1 unit of your local currency.
1.  Phone Credit (Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana …)
2.  Airtime; Nigeria (MTN, Glomobile, 9mobile, and Airtel), Ethiopia (Ethio Telecoms) & Kenya (Safaricom)
3.  Paga; (Visa, Master & Verve cards).
4.  4.Pesapal (Kenya & Tanzania)

Boomplay Music App


How can I get Boomplay Music App on my devices?

Boomplay Music App free download as this Article “BoomPlay Music App free Signup -Subscribe and Sell your music Now” has treated making a great clarification to users or wishing users, Now you can make your free download of Boomplay Music App from any of the provided download links Also you can still make a download from Google play store. Have downloaded and stalled this App on your mobile before now make your latest Boomplay Music App update now.

Hoping you are all cleared via Boom play music App you can make your free App download and registration now.

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