Boys and Girls who harass who men and women who harass more…

who harass who

Teach a learner presents you with most debated topics Boys and Girls who harass who | men and women who harass more, female harassing men and instead of versa…HARASSMENT: Harassment becomes unlawful where 1) enduring the offensive conduct becomes a condition of continued employment, or 2) the conduct is severe or pervasive enough to create a work environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile, or abusive.

who harass who

Boys and Girls who harass who?

Greetings Mr.chairman, Penal of judges, Accurate timekeeper, Distinguished women and gentlemen, I,m the person of ‘………………’, delight to in your midst this day to speak motion which says that “boys and girls who harass who” with the following point of mine.

Before I go ahead, I will like to let you all know the meaning of harass.Harass means to annoy or worry somebody by putting pressure on them and doing unpleasant things to them.

First and foremost, it has been observed beyond every reasonable doubt that the rate at which boys harass girls at present is becoming alarming.No doubt the issue of girls by the boys is not what to write about.This idea of harassment was as result of tussle by the girls and boys too.

Secondly, for emotion harassment from the boys. It is almost the case that the boys approach the girls with the proposal for friendship, all in the name of love but at the later time it landed crash and boys after the flowering the girl will leave her empty and expelled.

Thirdly, the male folk have this in-built strength that has been transferred from generation to generation, right from the creation of the world as God has made it, they have the advantage of strength over their female counterpart their for use it to intimidate and harass the girl.

who harass who
who harass who

Boys and Girls who harass who? men and women who harass more…

As if it is not enough, another thing girl’s things is that”girls” react something very funny, that is because they are considered to the weaker sex and can’t do anything to the male counterpart, Mr.chairman, please let me to ask, this type of harassment is it not a gender harassment? of course, it is.Harassment has become a center worm that has eaten deep into the cell of our society, it is in a far estimate that harassment is a developmental
competition measure and it is mostly found on the side of boys who maddest and break the girls as slaves.

Also, challenge arising in the educational sector on the best performing gender has being found to be the male, because of the feeling and discovery if to say so, the female has experienced silent harassment from the show of male, that inspite of the opposite sex are getting back at them.

In conclusion, Mr. Chairman I in the person of ‘…………….’ wishes to continue but as time should let I rest my case, with these following print of mine I know that I have convinced you all not to confuse you, that boys harass girls more than the girls harass the boys.THANKS.

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Boys and Girls who harass who?


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