British Woman Samantha Jones 51 Stabs Husband To Death

british woman samantha jones 51 stabs husband to death

A British woman Samantha Jones, 51 stabs husband to death, claims she did that in act of self defence. She is now faced with death penalty, for allegedly stabbing her husband to death, has appeared in court in Malaysia…

british woman samantha jones 51 stabs husband to death

Court Room Case

Samantha Jones, 52, appeared before magistrates in the town of Langkawi where she faces death by hanging for allegedly murdering 63-year-old John Jones.

However, she was barefoot and handcuffed as she was escorted into the courtroom by prison guards, before smiling at her sister and four relatives in the public gallery.

Jones looked pale and tired according to the Mirror, which saw her in court.

Samantha Jones is charged with murdering her husband between 1am and 3am on October 18 at their £200,000 home overlooking paddy fields in a quiet village.

Murder carries a mandatory sentence of death by hanging in Malaysia, although her claim of self-defence could lead to her being convicted under a different section carrying a prison term.

The court heard John Jones died of a single stab wound to the chest, with the blade puncturing his liver.

Samantha Jones nodded when asked if she understood the charge, which was translated to English for her by a court interpreter. She did not speak during the brief hearing.

No plea was entered and magistrate Adibah Husna Zainal Abidin remanded her in custody until November 29 as the investigation and forensic reports into the killing in the early hours of October 18 continue.

Samantha Jones, 51, has spent the past 12 days in police cells in Langkawi after the killing. She admitted on killing her husband but says was in an act of self-defence .

The accused reportedly said she acted after he kicked and punched her in the villa they have lived in for 11 years.

Her sister, who flew out from the UK to support Samantha Jones shortly after her arrest and has visited her regularly, was in court but refused to talk to reporters.

british woman samantha jones 51 stabs husband to death

Samantha Jones bowed her head to avoid being photographed as she was led into court at midday after being taken to court in a police car escorted by female officers.

Her lawyer Sangeet Kaur Deo said after the hearing Samantha: ‘My client is okay and doing quite well given the circumstances. It is very overwhelming (for her) at the moment.’

Friends say he couple separated temporarily while in Malaysia because of his violent outbursts. John, originally from Stourport in Worcestershire, underwent treatment to control his temper and his drinking before they reconciled.

John, who was chief fire officer in Yeovil, Somerset, immediately before his retirement, had returned from a visit to his family in England shortly before his death.

On the day of the murder, the couple went for sunset drinks together on Centai Beach, a popular area for expatriates to meet and drink out of sight of their teetotal local neighbours on the predominantly Muslim island.

A close friend of the couple, who asked not to be named, said: ‘Sam went home after a while because she wasn’t feeling well and John told her he would be home by 9pm.

‘He ended up in another bar drinking with a friend. She kept trying to contact him through a friend to tell him to come home – he doesn’t carry a mobile phone. John didn’t go home until after midnight. I just wish I ‘d been there to tell him it was time to go home.’

A fierce row broke out when John returned home which Samantha claims escalated when John kicked her in the stomach and punched her in the face.

A police source said: ‘She went into the kitchen and took out a kitchen knife to hold him at bay but he reacted by goading her and pointing to his chest and saying ‘Go on then, stab me’.’

Samantha tells police she then went into the bedroom holding the knife and stabbed her husband once in the chest when he came after her and lunched towards her as she backed up against a wardrobe.

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