Computer System | Representation of Computer Input | Process | Output

computer system

“computer system”A system of connected computers that share a central storage system and various peripheral devices such as a printers, scanners, or routers.

Each computer connected to the system can work independently, but has ability to communicate with other external devices and computers.

computer system

Computer System | Representation of Computer Input | Process | Output

A computer system is an electronic device or machine that is capable accepting inputs or data through input devices, processes the inputs and generates appropriate results which are displayed through output devices.

That is to say that a computer has capability of accepting data, processing the data and producing meaningful results/information automatically under program control. Fig 1 gives a simple representation of a computer.


computer system

simple representation of a computer system


From definition of a computer, there are five basic keyword. They are:

Electronic: computer is said to be an electronic device because its internal components are made up of solid state electronic component called chips.

Input: these are data items, programs, instructions or user responses that arefed into computer through an input device to be processed. Data items are raw fact and figure that convey little or no meaning, hence are unprocessed. Examples like Keyboard, mouthpiece, game-pad, joystick, scanner, lit-pen, mouse…

Processing: this is the manipulation a computer does to transform data into information. The processing isdone in the Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) of the Central Processing Unit (ALU). The CPU is a device that consists of electronic circuitry that executes instructions to process data.

Output:-This is the result of the processed data is called information and it conveys meaning to the user through an right output device and output could be hard-copy or soft-copy. Monitor, speakers, printer…

Program: It is a set of logically related instructions that are in a sequence and give solutions to problems. The instructions do a specific task or solve particular problem and programmes which are system instructions also know as software could be divided in to two namely

Software Review

1. Application software

2. system software.

Application software is a computer program designed to do a group of coördinated functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of the user like chrome browser, Facebook App, Microsoft word…

System software or program is computer software designed to offer a platform to other software like windows 10, windows 7, Mac Operating system, Kali-Linux, Ubuntu …


What is a Computer System? – Definition from Techopedia

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