Easiest Ways to Import from China

Easiest Ways to Import from China

Importing goods from china, can be very stressful, time consuming, daily, and some of the wastage. most  time the newbies find it difficult to import from china due to some of the restriction involve in the importation.

We are giving the easiest way to import without the unnecessary delay. Now read below to understand the necessary requirements.

Easiest Ways to Import from China


The importing process can be extremely complex, confusing and costly. The little gain can be erased by long transit times, rising or fluctuating delivery cost, and some other unexpected delay. But one thing you must first of all know is your import right. Because all other things you do are embedded on this, for when you know what you suppose to do. No any security will question you unnecessarily. At the same  time you can navigate to obtain more information about the goods you want to import.

Step by step guides

The Easiest Way to Import from China, below are what you have to put into consideration before importing your goods.

  • Know your import right

buying goods from foreign countries, makes you an importer. there are some goods that doesn’t require to be licenses ed. A broker conducting custom business on behalf of the importer must hold a valid custom broker license. It is the responsibility of the trade community to exercise reasonable care when conducting a business with the CBP.

They are there to guide you on what you are to know about your goods. The Easiest Way to Import from China, is to ensure that your merchandise complies with the other  agencies requirement. Example, FDA, EPA. DOT, CPS C FTC. and obtain license or permit if required. Although importing from different countries requires , knowing the type of goods that the particular country place restriction on.

So it require you to understand the type of goods, that the country the importation is going permits. Example in Nigeria there some goods that can not be imported in the country therefore you have to search for the special requirement in the importation that pertain to it. Understand the importance of being in compliance with the importing laws. With the regulation of the importing process and import requirements. If you have ordered some goods from an  oversea seller through the internet for own personal use you should also make some research about the internet purchase to avoid scam.

Don’t fail to clarify your import details

You have to be extremely clear about the particular goods you want, and the required specification. This you have to make clear to your supplier. For you can receive the type of goods you never expect you are not extremely clear about it. It may also result to the company choosing for you base on the cost saving. So to avoid the waste of your goods and money , you have to very clear in the description. Ensure you check the materials and the manufacturing process  of each quotes so you can feel confidence in the goods you are purchasing.

Find your supplier in china and place an order

You have to find your supplier who you can trust on everything you are doing throughout the import process. place your order with the vendor, shipper,and identify shipping terms that will be used. Once you have selected your supplier, then request a P/I e.i Proforma invoice. This invoice shows the detail of the purchase. Like the weight, value per item, the harmonized system number, and descriptions as well as the term of your purchase. This invoice is a non binding document helping budgeting your future purchase. It doesn’t create any legal obligation or purchase order.

 Ensure the supplier agrees to shipping under FOB terms

Easiest Ways to Import from China

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You have to try the possible means of letting your supplier agree to supply the goods through the nearest port or airport. This will reduce the cost of the supply and give you more control over the shipment. You must understand that different ports have there different terms of services. Sometimes if it is trial order or small shipment,EXW will be applied at the same time.

know your shipping rout

Understand that shipping by ocean is quit slow. therefore the type of goods you are importing has to determine the type of rout you take. if it a perishable goods you have to fine another rout that is more faster and saver. meanwhile note that most of the time the time required to export goods including documentation, custom, clearance and terminal handling for a container of goods can cost up to 7 days. therefore you have to place your order at the minimum of three months before you need your goods at your required address.

Don’t look for the lowest price

Don’t always look for the lowest price, for their is no lowest price in china. Whenever you come across a quote that is significantly cheaper, you have to check very well. You can just get the lower and lower prices. the lowest price is always accompanied with a high risk .

Calculate the landed cost of your goods

Determine the 10-digit tariff classification number for each item you are importing. Pay attention to the Incoterms and calculate the  total landed cost before you place your order. You have t understand  the FOB, which is

  • get the product price from the supplier
  • getting the shipping price from china
  • taking account of  the charge of customs clearance ,duty and tax land transport to your warehouse.

Don’t distrust your supplier

understanding that international trade is base on mutual trust . you have to trust your supplier for,nobody will look after your product on the process. and nobody will sincerely help you when you are in trouble. therefore you have to built a strong trust in your supplier. for that will go go a long way in making you feel free in the business transactions.

Consider the following things when importing from china

There are things you have  to consider  when you are importing goods from china, to avoid heartbreak.


You have to understand that there has always been delays in the process. Example goods may not be produce on time , the vessel may not be sailed as scheduled or the goods been held by the custom.

Chose a good freight forwarder partner.

In the modern business logistic is highly valued, shipping cost include both the direct and indirect cost of transporting.  so you have to consider getting good logistic provider, in order to guarantee smooth operation. if your logistic provider got it wrong at the very least they could be facing a failing business model that has to eventually shutdown.

Have your shipment

You have to whatchfull when your goods will arrive. Make arrangement with your customs broker to clear them through customs. So depending on the type of delivery you choose if it is door to door service it will be delivered.


Easiest Ways to Import from China

Going through the above you understand the basic things you need to know before importing from china. Understanding this gives you the right to place an order and get it at your designated address without extra cost and time wasting as usual.



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