How to Teach a Learner of English Pronunciation Skills ‘Correct Word Stress’

English Pronunciation Skills

Do You have friends or colleagues from the same country or another country, who just sound wrong sometimes but still speaks well most time? As a friend I Know You want to help, but don’t know what’s wrong or how to correct him or her. It might be the person’s incorrect word stress ‘English Pronunciation Skills’. Read on to find out how to help out.

English Pronunciation Skills

Teach a Learner of English Pronunciation Skills

For you to carry out this awesome task there are steps which you should follow to get a better result.

Listen carefully to recognize the error – are you guys in the same country pay visit to your friend some times and get to have direct conversation with him or her to recognize the possible inCorrect Word Stress.

Let him or her know that this is an error in a kind way – Recognize and correct him or her at the spot.

Show him or her how this indicatsin a dictionary – make him or her get close to dictionary for self corrections

Keep a list of some your friends most common errors and show it to him or her regular

Help him say the word right by saying it slowly and letting him repeat after you – Engage him or her with long discussions which should involve the regularly incorrect stressed words

Tell him or her the best way to automatically know the correct stress as native speakers, but he or she must learn the stress for every word

Show him or her how to clarify from you if he’s or her’s saying a word with the correct stress.

English Pronunciation Skills
Rules of word stress in english

Beginning Level English Learners “English Pronunciation Skills”

Key Points:

Syllable Stress

Voiced and Voiceless Consonants

Silent Letters

Silent last E

  1. Syllable Stress – you should make your friend to understand that multi-syllabic words need syllable stress. Point out common syllable stress patterns for him or her in every point of Discussion.
  2. Voiced and Voiceless Consonants – Teach  your friend the difference between voiced and voiceless consonants. Also you should touch your friends throats to note the difference between some common stress English alphabets like ‘z’ and ‘s’ and ‘f’ and ‘v’ to prove their differences and make normal corrections.
  3. Silent Letters – Help him or her Point out example of words with silent letters such as the ‘b’ in ‘comb’, ‘-ed’ endings in the past for regular verbs.
  4. Silent last E – Teach him or her influence of the last silent ‘e’ generally making the vowel long. Make sure to point out that there are many exceptions to this rule.
The meaning of a word can change with the stress, such as, ‘contract’ (noun, a document), ‘contract’ (verb, to get smaller). Quite often nouns have the first syllable stress and verbs have the second syllable. However, there are no straightforward rules for word stress in English.


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