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Facebook messenger Kids: Experts agree that excessive screen time is already a health hazard for children. Yet the tech giant wants to target them at an even younger age.

Facebook Messenger kids for six-year-olds: need I say why that’s a bad idea?

Looking into a brief history of Facebook as from the how it started and Mark Zuckerberg purpose also what you should know now.

Facebook started life as a social networking site for Harvard University students back in 2004 but now has more than 845million active users worldwide, making founder Mark Zuckerberg a multi-billionaire. Users can create a personal profile where they can join groups and share pictures, messages, Videos, Voice note…


Letting six- to 12-year-olds use Facebook Messenger called “Messenger Kids“, Facebook’s new app targeting young children is a terrible idea as some social analysis said, and not necessarily because of concerns over online safety.


But however, Facebook the tech giant is really doing her best to make sure that Kids activities are very much controlled by the social media as not all parents know that their kids under 13 year do use social platforms.

Facebook has really Gone worldwide today that’s why most people are in support of this Facebook messenger Kids App which is available for free download.

As it stands the Federal law prohibits internet companies from collecting personal information on kids under 13 without their parents’ permission and imposes restrictions on advertising to them. That’s why Facebook and other social media companies prevent younger kids under 13 years of age from joining.


Facebook Messenger Kids App have been designed to all under 13 years kids just as we said and it’s being controlled by Parents through their own account which you can Create a Facebook account now for free Facebook – log in or sign up.

Note: With Facebook, account registration links above you can control the social activities of your Kid and you can connect with friends, relatives, and family to share Picture, messages, videos, audio notes.

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