Why Must you Fail? … Scholars have the understanding of Failure in the University as a normal thing one should Experience in the university;

… Not for you and I as Scholars, we have the ability to control our attitude towards Success in University. Here are what you should know …



Failure in the university has become one of the major challenges facing the educational sector, both in developing and under developed countries.

The victims of this educational ailment are none other than the youths of the 21st century, who have fallen short of hard work needed in achieving success in any field of work.

Meanwhile, failure in the university must be eradicated so as to enjoy the growth of a developing society because a developed society cannot be complete, if the youths are not well groomed in the four walls of the university.


Some of the major causes of university failure include;

  • Over laxity towards educational values :

Most students no longer engage themselves in extra-curricular activities concerning academic performance rather they take part in whiling away their time in hostels.

The number of attendance to departmental lectures is not something to write home about because majority of the students skip lectures only to appear on the day of mid-semester quiz or particularly on the examination day.

More so, the major factor we face is failure to plan ourselves in the university, for a person who fails to plan, plan to fail and no amount of prayer is going to pull you out of the pit of failure.

The laxity shown by today’s generation of students, makes us to understand that they want everything to be easy, thinking that life is a bed of roses.

Furthermore, the moment you stop the mindset of wanting good things to be easy, the better things gets for you.

You must bear one thing in mind, which is “nothing in life comes without its own trials and tribulations”.  The best result is not only achieved in the mind but needs the one factor...“Action!!!”

Therefore, in order to bring out your dreams to reality (Act On Your Dreams as a student by devoting much needed time to studying ).

  • Laziness in carrying about our Educational exercise:

Earlier this year, the president of Nigeria made mention of the Nigerian youths being lazy which brought about revolts from the youths, claiming not to be lazy.

The youths being lazy doesn’t apply only to physical laziness but applies generally to mental laziness.

However, the mental laziness of students, drives at the student’s less affair attitude towards his or her studies, which would directly reflect in the Computation Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

At the end of a four or five years course in the university, the university ends up producing illiterate graduates, with little or nothing to offer towards the development of the society as a whole.

On the other hand, employing an illiterate graduate into an office which needs development, would only bring to the downfall of a particular company.

The entire University students must learn to do the little things right because “if we can’t do the little things right, we might not be able to do the big things right”.

  • The Wrong Use Of the social Media:

The failure we encounter in the University is as a result of the wrong use of the social media such as the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp etc.

Many university students spend most of their lecture period, busy chatting away their time on social media, obviously doing the right thing at the wrong time.

The social media was basically created to help bring about distance relationship with family and friends closer, but it is being misused by today’s generation of teenagers.

No matter the place you might find yourself to be, you must literally ask yourself this question, “Why Am I Here’’.

However, the question “Why Am I Here’’, gets you to understand the purpose of you being there at that particular point in time.

The self question “Why Am I Here”, clears your mind on what to do and what not to do at that particular point in time, it helps you carry out your duties in school judiciously and not perfunctorily.

Bad Peer Group Influence:

The company we do keep somehow have greater effect on the failure we encounter in the university because a wise saying has it that “show me your friends and I will tell you your future’’.

More so, the company we keep, greatly affects your performance in the university and also reflects on the colour of your future whether it would be clear or dark, solely depends on the type of company you choose to hang around with.

The life of a man starts from the moment you entered the university as an undergraduate, if you make the wrong choices in the first year, it simply signals the darker days you want as a student, which would in the later days to come, leaves you with the life of regret rather than a fulfilled and successful life as a student.

Lastly, to achieve good performance in the university campus, we must ensure to steer clear from bad company.

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