Firefox Browser reviews – Latest Mobile and PC Version free download

Firefox browser

People are very concerned with the form and how their browse the web today, that is why I will be teaching the Advantages and the Disadvantages ‘Pros and cons’ of Firefox browser with the latest Version form free download and install both Mobile and PC Versions.

Mozilla browser or Firefox Browser

Mozilla browser or Firefox Browser


The project that became Firefox browser started as an experimental branch of the Mozilla Suite called m/b (or Mozilla/browser).

Firefox is one of the most flourishing open-source web browsers of all time and gives pleasant working experience. Firefox offers sooner web browsing, enhanced tab handling, fresh interface tweaks and many other features with its latest 3.5 version. By having a look you may be able to differentiate between the 3.0 and 3.5, yet the new version carries great speed for JavaScript performance and runs parallel to other latest  browsers such as IE 8, Safari 4 and Opera 10 by incorporating private browsing mode.

Outstanding Features Firefox browser

  • Private browser mode
  • Open video and audio
  • Instant web site id
  • Awesome bar
  • Built-in spell checker
  • Customization


  • Faster JavaScript engine
  • Excellent support
  • Customization with themes and extensions.
  • Cross-Platform versions for Mac and Lunix.
  • This browser has some advanced security measures that help protect a computer from spyware and even certain viruses.
  • Allows the user to open an unlimited number of pages in a single window, thus helping to organize browsing.
  • Download speed is high during browsing


  • Slow start-up
  • The main disadvantage of Firefox is incompatibility.
  • Firefox takes a lot of memory to run, even with an up-to-date compute.
  • Downloads cannot be resumed if they are interrupted.
  • Junk files auto-download


Mobile and PC Versions

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