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Gmail messenger is the best application which gives full access to Gmail and from google account many google feature live google+,google drive, sending files like PDF files, doc file,images, audios, movies etc to you beloved friends, relatives, lovely people far and near your geographical area…with this application you send document being audio notes, videos,files,images,conversation like WhatsApp conversions etc.

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How to make use of gmail messenger

For you to use this swift application you have to create a google mail address >>how to create gmail address<<, and this also will help you save your contacts online (all the contact in your smart mobile phone will be saved and will never be lost even wen you change your mobile phone), this address will also give you access to save your conversations online like whatsapp conversation.

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Features of gmail messenger

ALL INBOXES this is one of the features of google messenger were all received documents like images, audios, musics, movies, conversations etc.
under this inbox here are other categories as follow.

primary inbox: this is were your mails which is not from any of the social networks comes directly under this primary being one of the inbox categories.

social inbox: under there you will see all the how notification, comments or social network verification from all the social App you registered with, below are some of lovely social networks you may like to join so easy to register just a click below on any of your choice.

Awesome Social media list…

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WhatsApp video calls free

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promotions inbox: this is were you receive notifications, invitations etc and promotional sites,companies,organizations,must of the applications which you register like Microsoft official promotions…

ALL LABELS: In this feature we have the below listed categories.

Sent : outbox mails are kept for your reference purposes.

Outbox: the same with sent box but you can find mail which didn’t deliver there and you can tap or click to resend

Drafts: here you can save your messages or messages which is still on composition etc.

All mail:  when click will show you almost all your mails received arranged according to time of delivery.

Spam: were all the unauthorized delivered emails are been kept.

Trash : this is were all the delivered or sent mails which you deleted are been kept before your final or permanent removal from the gmail messenger.

Settings: here you can customize your application to your own test.

Help & feedback : you can express your self either by comments, replies or questions…

gmail messenger

How to backup contacts online ‘gmail messenger’

with your newly or old gmail account, after you have sign in your email address into your smart mobile or Tablet phone(s).
Go o settings….

Click on “accounts”….

Then click “Add account”…

You select the account you what to add “google” using your email and password…

Then go to your mobile phone contact click import …

From phone contact or sim card depending on were your contacts are …

To google mail …

Finally, click “sync”.

download Gmail Messenger App. You can also search “Gmail Messenger” in Google Play store or iTunes store to download. Other smart devices please visit (e.g. Blackberry, PC, Mac …)


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