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Google chrome

Try Google chrome browser today and enjoy your internet lifestyle with awesome swagger. What am I not Telling you now. Do you know that online security is 90% in control by the type of browser you use. Using Google Chrome for both mobile and PC Devices can never be a mistake that is why friends and lover ones should do…

Google Chrome Browser Reviews

Google Chrome Reviews


Google chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google; it used the web kit layout engine until version 27 and with the exception of its iOS releases. From 28 and beyond uses the web kit fork blink. it was first released as a beta version from Microsoft windows on September 2,2008. And as a stable public release on December 11, 2008.As the world largest and powerful web browser among all. You can claim Speed, Simplicity and Compatibility all under one roof with Google Chrome. With the start last September it offered download only for Windows Vista and XP, however it has now expanded to Mac and Linux platform too. I love everything about Chrome so far and looking forward for more innovations for the browser in near future.

Outstanding Features Google chrome browser

  • Thumbnail images of your most visited sites
  • Drag, drop and rearrange tabs
  • Excellent task manager option


  • Process isolated tabs and add-ons
  • DNS pre-fetching
  • Neat page Search.
  • Chrome is an extremely fast web browser; it loads and displays pages very quickly.
  • You can drag tabs out into separate windows, without difficulty, and back in again with your mouse.
  • Google Chrome has a very basic, simple design, making it easy to use.
  • The start-up page lists the most frequent pages you’ve visited and allows you to click and access them with ease.
  • Chrome automatically translates pages into a language you understand for your convenience.
  • You can search the internet through your address bar at any time.
  • If a site crashes on one of your tabs, other open tabs will not be affected.
    You may browse the internet without being logged using Chrome’s new private feature: Incognito.
  • Unlike Firefox and Safari, you can alter the colour and theme of the browser.


  • Lack of add-ons when compared to the competitors
  •  Chrome uses up a lot of memory (RAM) when running it.
  • If you accidently close the browser, Chrome will close all the tabs opened without warning.


Mobile and PC Versions

Also read full review on the following browsers and Know the difference, Most times we say the difference is the test and the test is still the difference but coming web browsers there are the difference…

  • Compatibility
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Help and Support Units

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