GoogleChrome Download online and offline installer for your PC and Mobile devices

GoogleChrome download

GoogleChrome Download offline installer for your PC and Mobile devices is what we will be discussing on this page;

Do you already got your Latest Google Chrome? If not Download now for free on your PC and Mobile devices.

GoogleChrome Download online and offline installer

Google Chrome is the best web browser from Google for easy and high speed browsing. Google Chrome for Microsoft Windows, and later to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android was in 2008



Features of Google Chrome

Google Chrome boast of minimalist design, high-speed browsing and strong security but still not all as Google Chrome has other features.

1: Synchronize Bookmarks Across Browsers:

This is a handy features if you often switch between two different computers and also want the same Google chrome settings across your computers,This features can be accessed by clicking on the tools Menu on top right corner of your computer and clicking on Setup Sync.

2: Task manger for your Google Chrome:

This feature is one of the most important features of windows as it gives you a better control  on your OS. Google Chrome developers have included a Chrome Task Manager in Chrome. You can use the Task manager to get details or to force the misbehaving tab or application to close.

3: Create Application Shortcuts:

Google Chrome made it so easy that you don’t have to stress yourself as you have a shortcut where you can easily go once you open your Chrome. all you need is to open the website in Chrome for which you need the shortcut , and then click on “Create  Application Shortcuts”

  Steps for you to get your fast and reliable Google Chrome browser.

1: Get your google chrome Installer files by clicking here on the download link below or you go to your play store for android users to get googlechrome download in a blink of an eye now.

2: Determine if you want google chrome as your default browser.

3: After downloading you will make sure the Google Chrome installation is complete, then, by accepting the term and conditions.

4: Now you can locate your download directories and tap to install the Google Chrome file.

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