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how to make insecticide

Teach a learner How to Make Insecticide is a free practical Course here;

Are You an  Entrepreneur, you wish or Need to Learn how to make insect killer? Here is the best step you should take to achieve you goal free of charge.

However, this course is 100% free but not meaning you will also receive the chemicals needed free. For the chemical you are to follow the list of Insecticide production requirements as the instruction demands.

Meanwhile, you should read carefully on the steps and requirements before making more steps to purchasing the insecticide chemicals and requirements from the markets.

Recall that the number one killer disease in Africa and other Continent that experiences more rain is Malaria; which is caused by Mosquitoes ‘anopheles mosquito’. However, there many adverts on air today talking about the best steps to take in preventing your self from mosquitoes. This is to tell you how serious the issue of anopheles mosquito is getting in yours and mine Country. Besides, anopheles mosquito is not the only insect for this insecticide and that is fi you take the steps provided here to do it right. The Insecticide will kill Cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, ticks, flies etc. …

Why Insecticide is Hot Product in society today?

This product is high in production due to increase in demand by the final consumers and retailers. However, I recommend your effort so far as you are among the producers ones your finish reading the requirements and steps as the production  demands.

how to make insecticide review

Meanwhile, ones your make use of this insecticide after protection it have the change to kill not just mosquito but any other insect around the fleeted area in seconds or minutes.

Insecticide Chemical Requirements

1. Sniper
2. D.D Forece/Mulvap
3. Industrial Camphor
4. IPA
5. Formalin
6. Kerosene
7. Color
8. Perfume


Chemical Measurement (Depending on how strong you need it like for 5-8 Liters)

1. Sniper ————–1kg = 1000g
2. D.D Forece/Mulvap ————– as recommended by seller
3. Industrial Camphor ————– 1000g – 2000g
4. IPA ———-1/2 liter
5. Formalin ——- 1/2 or as recommended by the seller becouse if Formalin is much it will affect one’s eye so better to use hal of half
6. Kerosene ———3-5 liters for the more the Kerosene the lesser effective your insecticide will act in minuets
7. Color ———- Optional just as you wish to add or not to add
8. Perfume ——— Still, Optional if you wish to add or not it’s left for you to deside

Steps    On    How    To    Make    Insecticide   ‘Quality insect killer’

Candid speaking, We will be Using D.D Force in our practical because MULVAP is not available this time but your can use either of the two;

Step 1:- For D.D Force
Get a clarn Big Bowl or bucket which can allow you to stir and Carefully pour the D.D Force inside
Step 2:- For Industrial Camphor
Pour all the industrial camphor into the D.D Force and stir properly for at list 30 minute
step 3:- For Sniper
Carefully pour the Sniper into the Mixture ‘D.D Force and Industrial Camphor’.
Step 4:- For IPA
Carefully add IPA and Stir Properly
step 5:- For Kerosene
Add the Kerosene
Step 6:- For Perfume
Add perfume and stir the mixture properly for some Minutes
Step 7:- For Color
Now, you can add Color to your Satisfaction

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However, you should always stir your mixture on addition of each of the chemicals. Meanwhile, leave your Questions or Suggestions below. Watch this Video on how to make Quality insect Killer.

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