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Teach a Learner IMO App review, IMO Video Call Registration at IMO.com

IMO APP this is one of the best social network app where you get connected via instant messaging, voice calls and video calls with your lovely family, close friends, relatives and new people from your geographical locality (your city, state, country etc..) and other places around the world. It was founded Ralph and Georges Harik are brothers by in 2007 after had worked with google…

             It is a very interactive social media platform and includes a video call feature in-app where you get to make video calls with much ease and with smallest data charges. IMO also includes instant messaging and you can view users registered profile to get to know them better.

IMO App founders


Imo App Dating Feature

Instant messaging – this App provides uninterrupted instant notification to all users across the globe

Voice call – Clear voice notification via calls between users

Video call – HD Video call Quality to all users

Imo App is very easy to use

Best Dating Interface – easy understanding by all users

Mobile and PC Mode and Compatibility


**Messages are very fast in delivery just with little data plan even with just little airtime in your mobile phone.

**No background download.

**Easy in making voice call clear sound or voice of the users via call signals

**HD Images during video calls (clear video with nice sound from the two user).

**IMO app don’t consume much data {subscription} or airtime because it does not on its own {the application} download things sent to the user except the user wishes to download it.

To register in IMO App FREE DATING here is the procedure

**Step one follow the link below to download the app for your device

**To visit the web platform follow the link below to view

** You will be asked to enter your mobile phone number

** CODE will be sent to your mobile phone for number verification

**When that is down all your contacts USING OR ON IMO app will automatically appear as your friends

** You can now start-up your videos calls, voice calls and instant messaging.



** IMO Free Everything App if Available for all mobile and PC devices today and for Android I advice you download from Google Play Store and for your Mac and Apple devices you can also download from iTunes store. Talking About windows PC or Mobile it is all available at Window Store and All is free for download and chatting.

** Visit IMO App official web platform at www.imo.im

**Clink the sign-up icon and wait patiently until it has fully loaded and boom your registration is complete.

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