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Internet Explorer full review

Internet Explorer browser Full Reviews – providing you with the advantages, disadvantages, brief history and the latest version of Internet Explorer browser for both mobile and PC Versions. Today security of your Web lifestyle depends on which kind of browser you used.

Internet Explorer Browser Reviews

Internet Explorer browser


Internet Explorer browser is a full featured web browser, developed by Microsoft Inc. in 1995. It is one of the most widely used and popular web browsers currently. Net Applications ranks it as the #1 web browser based on the dimension of user base. However, recently released web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, and Safari have encircled Microsoft with a strict competitive atmosphere.

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IE has stood the taste of time but some users may be disappointed over some of its features and peculiar behaviors  Opinions differ over what are the advantages and disadvantages of its usage.

IE 8 is the closest competitor of Firefox 3 when compared with the browsing and productive features. However some features are notable of this browser such as Accelerators and Web Slices offering convenient and unique way to access web resources. Its color-coded tab system, address bar, and superior privacy protections are also remarkable.

Outstanding Features Internet Explorer browser

  • Great tab management system
  • Compatibility view to support display problems
  • In Private browsing
  • Web Slices
  • Default with windows OS
  • Very secure


  • Address bar provides auto complete
  • Crash recovery
  • Fast startup
  • Flexible search option


  • Supports only Windows
  • Lacking download manager


Mobile and PC Versions

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