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Timeline of inventions with inventors since 2400BC Till date

Invention timeline: An invention can serve many purposes, and does not necessarily create positive value. These purposes might differ much and may change over time…

An invention, or a further-developed version of it, may serve purposes never envisioned by its original inventor(s) or by others living at the time of its original invention. As an example, consider all the kinds of plastic developed, their many uses, and the significant growth this material invention is still undergoing.

Invention timeline BC - DC Full Reviews


Invention timeline BC – DC Full Reviews

2400 BC      the abacus, the first known calculator was invented in Babylonia

500  BC      panini introduce the forerunner to modern formal language theory

300  BC      Pingala invented the binary number system

87   BC      antikythera mechansim was  built in rhodes to track movement of the stars

673  A       greek fire was  Ivented by kallinikos of heliopolis

724          liang ling-can ivents the first fully mechanical clock

800  S       gunpowder in china

852          parachute was invented by armen firman

900          horse collar in europe

1041         moveable  type printing press was invented by bi sheng

1350         susppension bridge in peru

1450         nurmerg terristial globe by german mapmaker martin behaim

1500         ball bearing was invented by leonardo da vinci together with flying machines, including a helicopter, the first mechanical calculator and one of the first programmable robots

1510         pocket watch was invented by peter henlein

1540         ether was invented by valerius cordus

1576         ironclad warship was invented by oda nobunaga

1581         pendulum was invented by galileo galilei

1593         thermometer was invented galileo galilei

1608         telescope was invented by hans lippershey

1609         microscope  was invented by Zacharias Janssen

1620         slide rule was invented by william oughtred

1642         adding machine was invented by blaise pascal

1643         barometer was invented by evangelista torricelli

1645         vacuüm pump was invented by otto von guericke

1657         pendulum clock was invented by christiaan huygens

1698         steam engine was invented by thomos savery

1700         piano was invented by bartolomeo cristofori

1742         Franklin stove invented by benjamin fraklin

1752        lightning rod was invented by benjamin fraklin

1767         spinning jenny was invented by james hargreaves

1769         steam engine was invented by james watt

1783         parachute was invented by jean pierre blanchard

1783         hot air ballon was invented by montgolfier brothers

Invention Timeline from 2400 before Christ (BC) Till date

1784        eyeglasses invented by Benjamin Franklin

1791         steamboat was invented by john fitch

1798         vacination was invented by edward jenner

1804         locomotive was invented by richard trevithick

1816         miner’s safety lamp was invented by humphry davy

1816         stethoscope was invented by rene theophile hyacinthe leannec

1820         thermometer was the first mass-production calculator invented by charls xavier thomos de Colmar

Invention Timeline from 2400 before Christ (BC)

1822         charls Babbage designs his first mechanical computer

1826         photography was invented by joseph Nicephorus Niepce

1830         lawn mower was invented by Edwin beard budding

1834         braille was invented by louis’ braille

1835         mores code was invented by Samuel mores

1838         electric telegraph was invented by Charles Wheatstone [also Samuel mores]

1842         anesthesia was invented by Crawford long

1843         typewriter was invented by Charles Thurber

1846         sewing machine was invented by Elias Howe


1849         safety pin was invented by Walter hunt

1862         mechanical submarine was invented by narcissi monitorial I estarriol

1870         stock ticker was invented by Thomas Alva Edison

1877         phonograph was invented by Thomas Alva Edison

1880         photo phone (TELEPHONE)Was invented by alexander graham bell

1891         zipper was invented by witcomb L Judas

1895         diesel engine was invented by Rudolf diesel

1898         remote control was invented by Nikola tesla

1903         powered airplane was invented by Wilbur wright and Orville wright

1909         Bakelite was invented by Leo Baekeland

1924         electro mechanical television system was invented by john logia baird

1937         jet engine was invented by frank whittle and Hans von ohain

Invention Timeline from 2400 before Christ (BC) Till date

1938         ballpoint pen was invented by Laszlo biro

1943         enigma: Adolf Hitler uses the enigma encryption machine

1951         nuclear power reactor was invented by Walter Zinn

1957         sputnik I and sputnik II: sputnik II are launched by the Russian

1968         video game console was invented by ralph H. bear

1971         E-mail was invented by Ray Tomlinson

2001         digital satellite radio

2002        iRobot Corporation releases the first version of its Roomba vacuüm cleaning robot.

2004       Electronic voting plays a major part in a controversial US Presidential Election.

2004        André Geim and Konstantin Novoselov discover graphene.

2005       A pioneering low-cost laptop for developing countries called OLPC is announced by MIT computing pioneer Nicholas Negroponte.

2007     Amazon.com launches its Kindle electronic book (e-book) reader.

2007     Apple introduces a touchscreen cellphone called the iPhone.

2010    Apple releases its touchscreen tablet computer, the iPad.

2013   Elon Musk announces “hyperloop”—a giant, pneumatic tube transport system.

2015   Supercomputers (the world’s fastest computers) are now a mere 30 times less powerful than human brains.

2016  Three nanotechnologies win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for building miniature machines out of molecules.

2017  Quantum computing shows signs of becoming a practical technology.

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