Steps on how to remove junk file from your mobile and PC for better performance-free tutorial

Junk file

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Steps on how to remove junk file from your mobile and PC 100% Speed

Junk file free removal Reviews

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Follow the guides and free your mobile and PC memory – junk file free removal

For you to solve these problems above these files below are to be regularly deleted from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or Desktop devices…

-Recycle Bin
system Error memory Dumps
– Crash Data Dumps
– Error Report
– Temp files
Download Program file
-Temporary internet files
– Offline Webpages copies
These files above slows and take up your system space

junk file free removal for your smart mobile phones/tablets or PC

Clearing Cache/junk Files Using Clean Master

step 1. Download the latest version of Clean Master on from the link provided below.

step 2. Open the application after installation on you mobile phone/tablet

step 3. Press “Junk Files.” …

step 4. Select the applications you want to clean. …

step 5. Finally Tap on the “Clean junk with size” button.

Junk file free removal for your personal compute Desktop/Laptop devices method 1

Step 1. Using your system mouse click on the search icon on your desktop/laptop operating system background.

step 2. a search box will appear telling you “search the web or windows”. Then input this short code “%temp%” and Hit “ENTER”.

Step 3. a background will appear

Step 4. To highlight all then press “CTRL+A”. …

Step 5. Press “SHIFT+Delete” then an administration pop out question which will be asking you do you want to delete the files “Yes” “No”, as shown below.

Junk file REMOVAL


Step 6. Just click “YES” or press “Y key” all the JUNK files will be deleted automatically from your computer or if it entered into your recycle bin. then empty the Bin.

Junk file free removal for your personal compute Desktop/Laptop devices method 2

Step 1. using your system mouse click on home icon
step 2. Select All programmes
step 3. click on “accessories”
step 4. click “system tools”
step 5. click on “Disk cleanup”
step 6. Drive Selection under Disk cleanup “Select the drive you want to clean up” just as listed there like drive C:, D:, ETC. … Then click “OK” Button.
step 7. A disk cleanup administration will come up, your select which and which you wish to cleanup.
Step 8. finally click “OK” for you cleanup to start running.

Junk file

Your computer is now very much free from JUNK files and it will perform faster than before also check your free, space on your local disk C: will increase as you do so.

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Clean Master free download desktop/laptop

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Thanks and enjoy a better system performance after taking the few steps above.

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