Latest Gmail Download for your PC and Mobil Devices

Latest Gmail Download for your PC and Mobile

Gmail is a email service made by Google to allow users access their mail easily on web and also using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols. There are various ways you can download the latest Gmail in this page…

How To Download And Install The Latest Gmail on your Devices

i: Android users can simply download Gmail App through play store on their device or download direct from the download link below.

ii: Click on the app and choose the downloading option and the downloading starts immediately.

iii: Make sure the app downloaded for installation.

iv: PC users can download easily from the downloading link below.latest Gmail download

Features of the latest Gmail:

There are many features of Latest Gmail Mobile Download which you will benefit from freely:

1: Adding multiple account:

Gmail provides multiple sign-in facility to switch between different accounts in the same browser without having to sign out the current account.

You can add a new account by simply clicking on profile picture in top right corner, click on ADD ACCOUNT option to add a new account. it will open sign page in new tab for you to add a new account.

2: Mark Important Mails Using Gmail Star Functionality:

In the other hand Gmail provides of star system so that its users can manage their mails according to importance.

By default if you check star it will appear in yellow color but  when you go to the Gear box > Settings > Stars (stay in general tab of settings),

you can drag various color star to rate  1*, 2 * to emails messages.

When you save changes and go back to inbox then if you have assigned red color to give 2* rating to any email, just click two times on star icon to that particular email then it will appear in red color.

3: Video and audio chat:

Are you traveling and want to stay connected with your family? Check out Gmail Video and audio Chat which gets you closer to your family and friends.

4: Mute a message:

During the working hour in the office you may choose to mute your Gmail messages to avoid distraction.

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