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Teach A Learner how to learn digital with

learn digital with google com : this is a free online platform were teaches your freely,Digital Skills for Africa is your one-stop shop for mastering digital marketing. If you have what it takes to complete each of the 23 topics and unlock every badge, you can earn the esteemed Digital Skills for Africa Certificate of Online Proficiency… For you to apply for this free training you have to freely have a google access follow the link >>google access account<<, with this steps you will get the access and proceed with the login very easy.
Below are the requirements for the google access account

Teach A Learner how to

Create your Google Access Account free {}

step 1. follow the link provided >>Google Access Account free registration<<

step 2. A form will be provided to you were you will see and fill the following personal data
enter you ” first name” “*********”
enter you ” Last name” “**********”
choose your username example: “somic******”
create a password “***********”
confirm your password “**********”
birthday “month”…”day”…”year”
gender “male”   or “female”  or “other” or “rather not say”
mobile number…”select country”…” add number ”
your current email address.. “alternative email” for recovery of password
Location ” this is were you have to select the country you are residing on”
step 3. Then click “next” button you will be taken to a new page were you have to enter a google code “g****” send to your mobile number or alternative email.

how to sign to with your Google Access Account
First follow the link provided >><< were you will be taken to an online page having the following below
Topic Library
More under this “More” you will click to see more categories just like below
Help & FAQs
Google My Business

learn with

At the right hand corner you will see

Sign in

start learning

Login information

Start your free digital training. First, we need to set up your account and personal learning plan.

Login with google account
login with email

Below are the free lesson very easy to learn

learn with

Follow the link >>free lessons<<

The online opportunity

Build your web presence

Get started with search

Make search work for you

Improve your search campaigns

Find success with analytic

Help people nearby find you online

Teach A Learner how to

learn with google –

Deep dive into social media

Make mobile work for you

Deep dive into display advertising

Make the most of video

Sell more online

Your first steps in online success

Connect through email

Get discovered with search

Be noticed with search ads

Get started with analytic

Get noticed with social media

Discover the possibilities of mobile

Advertise on other websites

Expand internationally

Build your online shop

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