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TEACH A LEARNER HOW TO MAKE AIR FRESHENER – Intellect Online and Physical Training

Welcom dear, Today you will learn how to make AIR FRESHENER grab ur pen & papper, take a sit n chill ☺ let’s roll on….


The chemicals required are:
1. menthol
2. Camphor
3. Binder
4. Menthanol
6. Colour

*please buy everything from those selling chemicals including the camphor because it’s different from the normal camphor you use at home.

*this is for 1&half liter if air freshener and it cost $3…always tell the seller the litre you want to make so he will know what measurement of chemicals he would give you…

*too much water will make ur airfresnher inferior that’s why you have to know the litres u want to make..

So FAB, get your 2litres gallon let’s do this (you use gallon in air freshener and not bucket cos u need to shake well)



1. Pour methanol into your 2litres gallon.

2. Mix menthol and camphor, then pour inside methanol, cover it and shake very well
(at least 30mins) til it dissolves…please shake constantly for that period.

3.Add perfume and shake well….let me give you this secrete, use amp-or, strawberry, banana &happiness perfume all mixed together and you would hate buying air fresher outside.

3.Then add binder and shake very well

4. Now add water, 1 litre and half and keep shaking

5. Then add a little color, like a pitch or two and shake very well 20 mins till you can see that it’s been properly mixed .

Hurrah 💃 💃 💃 … Air freshener like no other is ready!!!!

*please make sure you shake constantly throughout



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