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TEACH A LEARNER HOW TO MAKE COSMETICS (pomade cream) – Egg roll and Buns Full reviews

Production of Cosmetics  (pomade cream)

Cosmetics are products which are applied in the different part of the body, in other to improve natural features and protect the skin from dryness.

Cosmetics production They include pomade, cream, deodorant, powder lipstick etc.

TEACH A LEARNER HOW TO MAKE COSMETICS (pomade cream) - Egg roll and Buns Full reviews

Things for making pomade

. sauce pan

. mixing spoon

. bottle or plastic pomade containers


. 2 cups of petroleum jelly

. ¾ cup of mineral oil

. 1% mineral wax for thickening

. 1-tab spoon of lanoline

. Colors [as desired / taste]

.Perfume [as  desired  to  taste]

. Procedure Cosmetics production pomade cream

. Measure out all ingredients as specified above.

. Put all the oil ingredients in the sauce pan.

. Add the lanoline into the mixture

. Add the wax and melt.

. Color to taste

. Add perfume at least and avoid evaporation

. Stir thoroughly to obtain your pomade

. Pour out the pomade into the container

Uses of pomade cream ‘Cosmetics’

. Applied on the skin after to keep the skin refreshing

. It also protects the skin from harsh effect of the weather especially in the dry season

Know more – Condiments of making buns or egg roll

All our tutorial are free for empower individual you wish to learn how to make some stuffs at home to achieve their various aim. here are the requirements and how to make Buns and Egg roll

. Flour

. Butter or margarine

. preservative

. Milk flavor

. Nutmeg

. Milk

. Egg

. Baking powder

. Salt

. water

. Sugar

. yeast

. oil vanilla

Procedures how to make Buns and Egg roll

. Put five cups of flour in the bowl

. Put butter or margarine mix it well or rub it well with flour

. Half tin spoon of salt

. Add the preservative (half)

. Milk flavor

. Nutmeg

. Baking powder

. Salt

. Water

. Sugar

. Yeast

. 1 egg

. Mix the water together with sugar

. Mix the sugar and the water with flour

. Those things you mixed together is called dough-paste you allow it to foment by allowing to rise.

You can still Know How to make simple homemade vim

Vim is the most powerful home detergent which helps more in removing strong stains. here are the materials for making Vim

. breakable plate

. egg shell

. ash

. detergent.

Procedure of making Vim

Dry and Grand the Egg shall properly

Sieve to remove chaffs and throw the chaffs away

Mix properly the grounded egg shell with Ash and the detergent buy not that the detergent should not be much bigger thank the egg shell.

Now you have handmade Vim which can remove any sort of stain in your kitchen.

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