Intellect Online and Physical Training ▷ Teach A Learner How to Make PEANUT BURGER

teach a learner how to Make PEANUT BURGER

Grab your pen and paper, take a sit and chill let’s roll on how to make quality PEANUT BURGER right at any place you are now. make PEANUT BURGER in the best quality you want at home or any place you are in these steps…


Ingredients required & measurements on PEANUT BURGER are:

1. 4 cups of Raw groundnut (make sure you buy those big size of groundnut I mean groundnut with big seeds not small ones).

2. 4 Raw eggs.

3. 4 cups of Flour.

4. 1 flat cup of Sugar.

5. A pinch of Salt.

6. Vegetable oil.

*Note that whichever quantity you choose to make? Make sure ur groundnut, egg and flour has the same quantity. Also don’t pour or do everything once while doing these to make it easier for you..especially when you are making in larger quantity.

Now get your plastic bowl, make sure it’s dried if not clean with handkerchief , let’s do this…

teach a learner how to Make PEANUT BURGER


1. Mix 4 eggs with sugar & pinch of salt and whisk properly for 10 mins. Then keep aside.

2. Select your groundnut (good from bad i.e shrink ones) and pour 4 cups of it into your bowl.

3. Gradually add the mixed egg, shake d bowl till its well mixed.

4. Add flour gradually too and continue shaking d bowl very fast and constant too, till d flour covers all d groundnut, separate d sicky ones as you shake.

5. Repeat 3&4 again until it mixed egg is fininshed, you will notice that your groundnut now looks bigger and it’s well covered with your mixture.

6. Put vegetable oil on heat and use deep frying method to fry them gradually..mind you it easily get burnt so be stand by, your can stir a little when frying.. Then remove when it’s fried/dried.

Hmmmm… Can perceive that aroma ☺ ☺… Peanut burger is ready 💃💃💃💃💃💃 allow to cool before packaging..

We have finally come to the end of this training… I hope to see or get the outcome of your products … And I want to say thank you to everyone who participated during this training…I wish you all the best in all your endeavours.

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