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male puberty

Male Puberty Development While Growing Up

Male puberty development has to do with a particular point in time when the male reproductive organ starts to experience certain changes in the body.

The union of a sperm with an egg is called conception or fertilization, the sperm determine the sex of the baby whether a male or a female.

If a male from the moment of birth through infancy to childhood, no significant changes (puberty) occurs in the sex organs.

The puberty in the male organ won’t appear, until he reaches the age eleven (11). Majority of the male puberty normally starts at age eleven.

As puberty sets in, there is rapid physical and mental development, which gradually transforms the male child to a young adult.

Early adolescents often feel uncomfortable, clumsy and/or self conscious because of the rapid changes in their bodies.

Firstly, the sexual and reproductive systems mature at this stage. There male sex organs are called testes, which are in a pair. They are contained in a sack called the scrotum, which is directly under your penis.

The testes and the penis are the primary sex characteristics which are external. Here, the major function of the testes is the production of a hormone called testosterone, a chemical substance.

Its function is to circulate throughout the body resulting in the development of typical male characteristics.It helps the male sex cells that would fuse with the female sex cell in an internal female sex organ to produce new human being.

Other Male Characteristics That Develop During Male Puberty:

Here are the four (4) major characteristics in the development of male puberty;

  • Deeper voice:

The larynx (voice box) become larger rendering the voice deep, it varies from time to time. The larynx (voice box), is in charge of sound production in the human body. This is also the beginning of development in the upper neck called “Adams Apple”.

  • Hairs:

The growth of hair on the face, chest, armpit, genital organs and little up-back.

  • Facial development:

The forehead tends to become higher or wider as the gene may be, the mouth and the lips becomes fuller and the chin area enlarge. Little hairs begin to grow on the bearded area.

  • Broad Shoulder:

As the body develop, the skeleton and the muscles become heavier and hard. The feet enlarge out of proportion and becomes bigger in size.

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