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WhatsApp Download –whatsapp latest version download free : whatsapp as a social network-is a popular instant messaging social network application having the latest new update whatsapp 2.19.0 which is used by almost everyone today to make free calls, voice call, online and offline voice note, instant message delivery to your lovely ones and people near & far from your geographical location…

In other words, you can say that it is tough to imagine life without WhatsApp as it is now very possible to connect with friends and relatives face to face no matter how far or near the person or persons are from your location. This popularity is quite evident from the fact that the application has an active monthly user in millions worldwide.

WhatsApp Download update today

WhatsApp Download mobile and Laptop upgrade

WhatsApp Download for Androidwhatsapp whatsapp 2.19.0 update has now become the most popular means of communication, WhatsApp users can communicate with their contacts from their different locations in their desired way, Be it sending text messages,pictures in any format (mpg, JPEG, png etc…),audio files in any format like (mp3, mp4 etc…),video files in any format like (mp4, avi, 3gp etc),document file (PDF, doc, docx, zip, zipx etc) – the application allows you to do it all. Icing on the cake is that WhatsApp has recently rolled out the VoIP feature to its users. Users can now make calls to their family members, friends and people both near and far from them through WhatsApp’s Voice Calling feature.

Meanwhile, Below are some problems which whatsapp users have been encountering which this newly update whatsapp 2.18.90 has resolved, now user are highly enjoying the this latest update, just make your download from the link which we have provided below for your sweet and swift chatting on whatsapp.

However, some lags in the calls and echoing sounds problem are being reported from the users now. The voice calling issues are also coming due to WhatsApp’s servers or because of the WhatsApp client.

As such, the developers are putting continuous efforts to come improve the voice calling feature and is releasing new version whatsapp 2.18.90 with improved features which has ended the problem outlined above. The Voice calling feature has been rolled out to Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 devices as of now, just with this newly released version whatsapp 2.18.90 free download and upgrading without losing your previous chats.

The introduction of the WhatsApp Web desktop/laptop whatsapp

WhatsApp developers have also come with the WhatsApp web, using which users can connect their WhatsApp account via desktop/laptop. However, number of users are finding a downside to this feature that they need to keep their WhatsApp application on open all the time and connected to internet to use the WhatsApp web.

Below are the link for your whatsapp web working directly with your laptop/desktop without you pearing it with your smart mobile phone, for your easy and swift whatsApping on PC (personal computer)

Below are the amazing features of this whatsapp 2.19.0

Free high definition video calls
free voice calls to any location of your choice worldwide
instant messaging to a fellow user
offline and online notification
lovely smiley for your fast writing during chatting
lesser that usage during video and voice calls
no background download that is junk file downloading is not allowed
free online backup of our videos,voice notes,musics, messages and all your contacts with else
free sending and receiving any kind of document like PDF, doc, docx etc.
whatsapp online protection pin generation by user

Download latest Mobile/desktop/laptop and WhatsApp 2.19.0

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for your MAC/PC free whats-app download now!

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