Opera mini Browser reviews – Latest Mobile and PC Version free download

Opera Mini Browser

This page gives a Complete review of Opera mini Browser, providing you with the advantages, disadvantages, brief history and the latest version of Opera mini Browser for both mobile and PC Versions. Have you used this browser before now here is the latest version with unique features than then.

Opera Mini Browser reviews

Opera Mini Browser reviews


Opera web browser began in 1994 when it was started as a research project at Tenor, the largest Norwegian telecommunications company. In 1995, the project branched out into a separate company named Opera Software, with the first publicly available version released in 1996.

Opera has undergone extensive changes and improvements, and introduced notable features such as Speed Dial.Opera9.6 aims at faster browsing, better synchronization and offering modern standards to its users. This Open Source Opera 9.6 has all enjoyable and practical features that can make your web journey functional and fun.

Further this quicker browser offers faster loading web pages and great at running your preferred web applications. Basics of Opera would include tabbed browsing, mouse-over previews, a customization search bar, new bookmarking tools, and easy integration with e-mail and chat clients.

Outstanding Features

  • Interactive voice,
  • Fast browsing
  • Thumbnail previews,
  • Mouse gestures
  • Customizing skins


  • Fast and lightweight
  • Carries unique features


  • Lacking widgets and add-ons
  • The browser is missing helpful features such as parental controls, and it has compatibility issues with some sites.


Mobile and PC Versions

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