Profession a standard service in the world – Choosing your Career in Life

Profession a standard service in the world

Profession a standard service to Our selves but More to the World at large;

What is profession? Profession is a type of job that needs training or skill especially on one that needs a high level of education. 

Profession a standard service

So many people are interested in high classic jobs and white collar jobs, which all people want to get in live. Every parents wishes their children to have white collar jobs like, ( doctors, banker, lawyers and engineers.) People are not interested in mind blowing profession which help in more researches of how earth operates and move, how plants grow, why stars grow, why the molecule work in an atom and so on.

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This are jobs and profession which can develop a state or country. People in the world are expected to chose jobs and profession by themselves not only for money but for happiness and how interested you are on that particular profession, people should understand that there are jobs which are waiting for them like a door of opportunity which are waiting for you.

This are jobs and profession which will help to better the world

Here are some beneficial and important professions;

1• etymologist

2• aerodynamic engineer

3• aeronautical engineer

4• astrologer

5• astronomer

6• astro physicist

7• bio mechanic engineer

8• robotics

9• geo- physicist

10• chemical engineer

11• lighting engineer

12• sound engineer

13• zoologist

14• meteorologist

15• hydrologist

16• cybernetic engineer

17• genetic engineer

18• genealogist

19• geologist

20• computer scientist

21• Christian scientist

22• Egyptologist

23• radiologist

24• taxonomist

25• geologist

26• biologist

27• astrologist

28• obstetrician

29• physicist

30• social engineer

Parents thinks that other jobs aren’t good enough for their children; Why? it does not give enough money or income and is not reputed.

Why Parents Shouldn’t Choose profession?

Parents Today are not just helping matter in choosing professions for their children. Forget the fact that most of them pay the fees for their children education but still, that doesn’t give them the full ultimatum to make decision on Chosen child’s career.

Reasons why you should make your career decision

You Must know what you love doing and Go for it.

Happiness is not all about Money

The are times money can’t buy e.g True Love and Happiness

Happiness is the key to a better lifestyle and More …

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By  Okoro-otu afvour Ifeanyi

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