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The Call for Restructuring Nigeria – Need for restructuring

The restructuring Nigeria and the need for true federalism has been gathering serious momentum in the country especially in the south eastern region of the country, one may say the call for restructuring starts in the inception of the present administration…

but we are not far from the truth mainly restructuring move has been in the mind of timing masses of Nigeria considering maladministration of some previous governments.

The Call for Restructuring Nigeria

restructuring Nigeria

The call for restructuring has been put case of ignorant or levity because some people do not buy in the idea of the call, maintaining that Nigeria do not need restructuring but stress that Nigeria need is to look leadership system, but that claim to some people is on unfounded and does not hold water at all because the leadership of this country has woefully not only that but has plunge and pose serious threats in the image of the country.

Chinua Achebe in his book titled the problem with Nigeria said that the problem of Nigeria has been the inability or ineptitude of leaders to live up to the expectations of the common man in the street, also went further to substantiate his fact or claim that [merit if been denied not only affect the individual but also affect the society at large].

The Call for Restructuring Nigeria

The states should be allowing the opportunity or giving the ample chance to develop and explore their own regions without any fear of marginalization… Which was unanimously welcomed and attended key notable prominent Nigerians across the section of the country, after attended by 492 delegates present a workable document which are creation of 18 new states, resource control, revenue allocation, forms of government, power sharing, anti-corruption, governance etc.

The Call for Restructuring Nigeria

After submitting the reports previous Jonathan administration claim there were no time to work on the reports before leaving office, Even the 7th legislative assembly also attest to that fact the problem is we don’t have any envision of how the Nigeria would look like no leaders of Nigeria ever loves Nigeria is a virgin which everybody derive pleasure in rendering hopeless and state of unconsciousness.

The Call for Restructuring Nigeria

There a lot of statements coming from both IPOB members and northern youth of Nigeria which are capable of plunging us into unhealthy rivalry in this country.

firstly, Prex Biafra agitators issue a sit at home order which some patriotic Nigeria ignored went ahead to go on with their legitimate transaction, most of us see wrong light or signals approaching they even went further to host demonstration calling for referendum of state of Biafra, the question is the ill manner way there are going about the protests and issuing orders is it the best way to achieve their aim the constitution provides for freedom of expression and association but in a legitimate well cultured manner.

The Call for Restructuring Nigeria

Secondly was latest quit notice order by arewa youths to the Igbo to leave the north within the spade of three months is another controversy that has to be revisited stressing that the Igbo’s has done a lot of damage to the country, the truth of the matter is all the leaders of the country has to apologize to us not only the Igbo’s both all ethnic regions of the country.

The northerner’s youth should know that the constitution provides for freedom of movement as enshrine in the constitution, there don’t have the right for restriction of movement we are in democracy dispensation were people are allowed to reside where they want to reside.

The Call for Restructuring Nigeria

The governor el -raffia of Kaduna issue an immediate arrest of this people none of them has been arrested nor persecuted, the federal government should find a possible measure of dousing this rising tension in the country rather by dilly-dally the whole situation as if there are not concern at all.

Attorney general of federation abubakar malami said no amount of agitation can give rise to restructuring such word alone cannot solve the problem, this are something that involve a herculean effort to achieve the need to do some needful by engaging the parties involve into a enlightenment or re-orientation so that people will understand what to do and provide drastic measure to solve the problem in order to avoid another full blown war in the country.

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Meanwhile, there are open box below for your own suggestion whether you are a citizen of Nigeria or Not she needs you guide just as the other plat forms have given some tips.

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When will she reach developed stage?

Is it possible for her?

Can she do this?

how is the Government as the people helping out?

is every body waiting for full miracle?

Do miracles exist in this kind of situation?

who and who are watching her only? but still keeping mute just because they are very comfortable.

who is to blame the Government or the People?

Are the people still the Government?

Who are now the Government?

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