Safari Browser reviews – Latest Mobile and PC Version free download

Safari browser reviews

This page gives a Complete review of Safari Browser, providing you with the advantages, disadvantages, brief history and the latest version of Safari Browser for both mobile and PC Versions. Today security of your Web lifestyle depends on which kind of browser you used.

Safari browser reviews

Safari browser reviews


Apple claims safari 4 as the fastest browser globally. Actually, it beat Google’s Chrome, Firefox 3, Opera 9.6 and even Mozilla’s developmental Minefield browser. Depending on your computer’s specs that may really be correct. However, if you need more than speed, Safari is not your just right choice. Safari concentrates on being trivial and non-flashy unlike other browsers that are more customizable. Hence the sleek interface is not very huge and the frame is only one pixel wide.

Outstanding Features

  • Spell checking for all fields
  • Snapback
  • Resizable text boxes


  • Speedy
  • New interface
  • Enhanced graphics
  •  Very simple to start and use and friendly with spell check.
  • Home page of “Top Sites” which shows a picture/link to your top 12 visited sites.
  • Homepage of “Bookmark”. Looks just like iTunes but shows recently visited sites.
  • Simple to organize and customize tabs and bars to your specifications.
  • Fast web browser


  • Lacking extension support
  • Lacking anti-phishing and smart toolbar
  • Founded by Apple Inc. therefore limited to Apple products.
  • Updates to Safari are rare.
  • Some websites don’t support Safari Browser.
  • Although pop ups are rare, hard to turn off pop ups.
  • Boring look.


Mobile and PC Versions

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