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Safety Education And First Aid Guide Emergency Treatment Instructions

Learn basic First Aid Guide and Emergency Treatment Instructions: information, treatment procedures & instruction steps, first aid kits, and more you need on Safety Education.



First aid is the skilled application of accepted principles of treatment when someone is injured or suddenly ill, using materials available at the time.

Meanwhile, First aid is given to keep life, to prevent the condition worsening and to help recovery. It is worthwhile learning the main techniques of first aid and it is possible to gain a certificate of first aid from one of the authorized training organizations. Do you know that It is wise to a first aid box at home. It should contain bandages and sterile gauze coverings for serious wounds. The contents shown are the least required and other items may be included.


Whatever the incident, the person giving first aid must act quickly, calmly and correctly to keep life, prevent deterioration and help recovery. Let us consider the best ways of achieving these goals.

Act quickly ut stay calm and do not place yourself in danger.

safety In the case of road accident, ask someone to control the traffic. Watch out for fire risks such as petrol spillage and switch off engine if there is a leakage of gas or poisonous fumes, turn it off at the source if you can do this without risk of yourself.

Getting someone else to help- Another person should be able to help out in controlling bleeding or may control traffic or get further help.

Determine the condition of the casualty by first checking his breathing. If breathing has stopped adopt artificial respiration.then check for any severe bleeding and control it. If the casualty is unconscious, place him in the recovery place and keep him warm and quiet.

Call for assistance- You may need to call an ambulance, the fire brigade or the police. Make sure your message includes the exact location of the incident, the seriousness and several causalities involved.



One you have assessed the situation, you should make a further diagnosis. Find out how the incidence happened or the illness by asking the casualty and witnesses. Any symptoms that the casualty reports should be checked by physical examination. This should be carried out quickly, moving the casualty as little as possible. Start at the had and move methodically to the feet.

For each condition that is found, treatment should be carried out gently and quickly. You should reassure and encourage the patient constantly and work calmly and efficiently. Your aim is to keep life, prevent deterioration and help recovery.

In order to keep life

Position the casualty to keep up an open airway

Begin resuscitation if the patient is not breathing and continue until medical help arrives.

Control bleeding,

In order to prevent the condition worsening

Dress wounds.

Immobilize fracture and large wounds.

Place the casualty in the most comfortable place.

to promote recovery

Reassure and encourage the casualty

Relieve the casualty of discomfort

Handle the casualty gently .

Protect him from cold and wet.

Safety Education And First Aid Guide Emergency Treatment Instructions


Detect the point of the bite as a large pair of punctures of the skin.
Keep the patient as quiet as possible. Prevent movement or running.
Apply a constrictive bandage immediately on both sides of the bite or above the bite, tight enough to stop lymph and venomous blood from reaching the trunk.
Loosen the bandage at intervals of half a minute after an hour to allow arterial flow.
Cut the flesh open with razor or a sharp knife at the point of the snake bite. The cut should be in the shape of a cross about 10mm deep. It should be deep enough so that blood can flow freely, letting out poisoned blood.
Squeeze and suck to induce blood flow.
Cover the spot with an ice bag or cold water.
Send the patient to hospital or to a dispensary, whichever is available.


If one touches a live electric wire, one receives a shock. One might be thrown off or become stuck to the live wire.


Switch off the current if it is accessible.
Remove the person from the wire using insulated or rubber gloves or push him off using dry wood or hands wrapped with a thick dry cloth.
Apply artificial respiration, while you send for the doctor
Treat the burns if he does not die.


During storms, lightning may strike a person and such receive special electric charges quite similar to those received when one touches insulated electrical material. As the person is knocked down unconscious, he dies if he is not helped in good time.


Remove the wet clothes.
Apply artificial respiration.
Keep him warm by using a blanket and heating him.
Rub his body with petrolatum to make him feel warm quickly.
Do not give any food or drink until he regains consciousness.


This is a temporary kind of unconsciousness due to shortage of oxygen to the brain. The heart beat is low and the pulse very low. The face becomes pale, the person becomes weak and starts to perspire. He does not recognize people, and he sometimes falls down.

The AID 

support him at the back, or lay him down in a current of fresh air.
Bend his head between his knees so that blood can flow easily to his brain, or if he is lying down, raise the level of his legs above his head.
Fan him or allow fresh air around him and loosen clothing at the neck, chest and waist.
Later apply smelling salts near his nostrils to wake him if necessary.
Give him sweet tea or water when he has recovered. Let him rest.


Agencies involved with first aid are:

saint john’s ambulance brigade
The royal ambassadors (a Baptist organization)
The Nigeria aid group (a Muslim organization)
boy scouts
The boy’s brigade
girl guide
The girls’ brigade
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Do more as you know the Home Treatments for Stings and Bites also drop your comments below for more clarification.

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