Top 5 New Crypto Currency Tokens You Should Consider Buying in 2022

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Crypto Currency Tokens have recently been doing more than the coins we have or see. At the same time, everybody who are interested in buying any crypto currency coins mostly don’t know the difference between coins and tokens. Let me explain.

What’s is a coin?

A coin is the native coin of a blockchain which is used to trade currencies and store values. When we talk about bitcoin, Eth, BNB, Ksh, Litcoin, Doge coin etc. This are the ones we can comfortably call coin because they can be used as a means of payment for any store that accepts it.

What is a token ?

A token is quiet similar to coin but the difference is that Tokens are virtual currency or denomination of cryptocurrency. It is basically used for trading and reside in it’s blockchains.

Knowing this, it is now time to dive into the major reason for this article which is the top 5 Crypto currency tokens to buy in 2022.

1. Mana

Mana is a metaverse token and one of the best tokens you can get out there.

Decentraland (Mana) is a virtual reality token that allows users to create, experience, monetize content and applications. It is powered by Ethereum blockchain.

In this virtual reality just like Alice, it allows users to buy a plot of land then navigate, build on the land and monetize it.

The reason why mana is still very unique today is because it is made for content creators, business persons and individuals who wants or are looking for better business opportunities,  source of entertainment and artistic medium.


Crypto currency tokens

According to coin market cap as at the time of this publication, the price of Decentraland (MANA) is 3.30 dollars.

Mana stands to be one of the fastest growing tokens in the world today and when you invest on it, you are sure going to make your massive gain.

2. Sandbox

Sandbox is also a great token you should consider because it allows users to create a custom NFT’s.

Sand was created and launched in 2011 by the pixowl. It is a virtual platform to build, buy and sell digital asset in form of a game.

Introducing the best blockchain technology in the gaming stream successfully is the basic mission of Sandbox.

Sand created a platform where people can both be creators and gamers at the same time. It introduced a model better known as “play to earn”.


Crypto currency tokens

The current price of Sand as at the time with post was made is $5.91 and still pumping.

The company started out little and gradually attracted the big names in the gaming world and standing our to be one of the biggest tokens in the gaming industry.

3. Gala

Crypto currency tokens

Just like other ethereum blockchain coins like MANA. Gala is one of the most beneficial coins everybody should own or invest in.

Gala is also a game but one unique thing about this game is that it give total control to the players.

The project wants to shows that players can spend hundreds of dollars on in game asset.


As at this time the current price of Gala is $0.456. As long as you are playing the gala game, you are free to own a custom NFT’s and this gives you the right to be in the governance of gala game ecosystem.

On monthly basis, gala have recorded the total of 1.3 million active users and 26,000 NFT’S have been sold since it’s creation.

Gala places the fun in the game first than the blockchain itself and that is why it has continued to grow.

The people who are playing the game are the ones moving the market, this stands to be one of the best coins you can invest in and you will not regret doing so.

4. Avax

Avalanche is a decentralized application and a custom blockchain network, proudly powered by ethereum ecosystem.

When talking on best token to use while trading, avalanche is just the best because the way the market goes down is the sam5e way the market also goes up.

Note: Always learn one thing if you want to be a good trader and that is to do your own research. 

Avax is currently ranking #11 on coin market cap and this is a good way to prove that the coin is a very good one.

If you want to buy Avalenche, the exchanges I will mention below are the best places to get the quick and safe.

  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • Okex
  • Cointiger
  • FTX


Crypto currency tokens

As at the time this article was written, the current price of avax is $113.42 and still pumping.

Note a financial advice: But this is the best time to actually get the coin because it will soon move big.

Avalanche attempts to solve the blockchain trilemma, which posits that blockchains cannot achieve a sufficient degree of decentralization at scale. A consequence of this are high gas fees, as is often the case on Ethereum.

Avax was founded by avax lab, owned by Cornell University professor known as Enim Gun Sire.

One of the major project of Avalanche is to build it’s own ecosystem of Dapp and Defi, different from the Ethereum based projects like sunshiswap and TrueUSD which have integrated with with Avax.

To solve the problem of it’s hard to get Avax, they created three different blockchains

  • Exchange Chain (X-Chain)
  • Contract Chain (C-Chain)
  • Platform Chain (P-Chain)

All this exchanges are very much similar to the normal ERC-20 which so far have been working for them.

5. Harmony (One)

This is actually a crypto  currency tokens we see as low or would I say an underrated token which people should actually watch out for.

Don’t forget to do your own research

Harmony is a blockchain system designed to ensure the creation and use of decentralized Application (Dapp).

One of the major mission of the Harmony (One) company is to ensure the proper usage of the Decentralized application (Dapp).


This token is very unique because it focuses on processing speed and validation. It’s aim to create blocks in seconds and revolutionize block creation.

Since it’s creation, the total number of one that have been distributed in the market is around 9,486,327,268 One.


Crypto currency tokens

Ranking number 49 on coin market cap which is good for a new coin or token. The current price as at when this article was published is $0.2847.

You can get one in three major exchanges in the world today.

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