A True Story That Is Common Among Youths Seeking Love

The Common Experience Of Dating An Unbeliever

Seeking Love => During high school a teenage girl dated a lot of guys and was hurt a lot. She was a very vulnerable girl because she wanted someone to love her. She wanted someone to truly care about her. The problem was finding the right person to love and have them appreciate and enjoy her love…

A True Story That Is Common Among Youths Seeking Love

When she got into college, she had no intentions of getting married or falling in love. She felt like “She was going to have a good time. She was going to experience a lot and was not going to get herself tied down to any one person or any one thing. She was starting on a clean slate in other words. It’s was just going to be good wholesome relationships fun and finding out what being in college is all about.” She was obviously doing well until she met Dickson. She does not believe that there is any such thing as love at first sight but at that time she was a romantic teenager and when she saw him for the first time, she thought he was just super. He had a dynamite personality and a lot of charm; little did she know “looks can deceive, it does not guaranty a good relationship”.

A True Story That Is Common Among Youths Seeking Love

A True Story That Is Common Among Youths Seeking Love

When he finally asked her out, she was beside herself. On their first date, they talked a lot and tried hard to impress each other. A month went by before he called and asked her for another date. She then thought he knew by then that she wanted to date him. They played on this and from that time on things became pretty heavy. She was very vulnerable because she wanted someone to love her, forgetting that “nobody can love you better than you”. Though it huts to love someone, and not be loved in return; the relationship really did not start off on the right foot because they were trying to impress one another. She did not want him to go out with anyone else but her. She did not think at that point any of her standards or morals but did things to impress him and to encourage a relationship with him. They dated and had some pretty serious talks. They started having some pretty bad fights too. He picked on her and teased her a lot. She tried hard to cover up all hurt feelings when he would do. She tried to laugh along with it, but did get hurt. A lot of times at parties, he would just walk off and leave her.

A True Story That Is Common Among Youths Seeking Love

He did not give her any special attention and she felt hurt because of this. She realized at that point that it was mostly a one sided relationship since she started working real hard to make him feel the same way she felt. This is was the red flag that got her in trouble, A sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you and later find out in the end that it was never meant to be, and you just have to let go; because “love is not a feeling”. But instead she worked hard at it. She started doing things that she knew would please him. This included some heavy sexual activities. She thought, “If she doesn’t he’s going to go somewhere else and she doesn’t want to lose him. Forgetting that in life” When the door of happiness closes another opens, but often time we look so longer to the closed door that we don’t see the one which has been opened for us. Time went on and they ended up going to bed together and doing things that she knew were not right, but sacrificed her morals to keep him. This is the biggest mistake a young girl can make. She thinks if she keeps doing what a guy wants to do, he is going to be crazy about her but it is not true. She knew Dickson lost respect for her. And she lost so much for herself that it was awful. Because of her Christian background, she died a hundred times in her own guilt. But she could not bring herself to say “Forgive me Lord” because she knew in the back of her mind she was going to do it again. She was ready to do anything she had to do to keep him, not bearing in mind that though It is true we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, but it is also true that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives, at this point, giving life no possibilities of a better turn, they are thing one would love to hear; that we never get to hear from the person we would like to hear them from, but been so deft as not to hear it from the one who says it from their heart is a common crime.

A True Story That Is Common Among Youths Seeking Love

At this point, if she could say anything to young people, it is this – when you get into a dating game, find a fellow you know is a Christian – one who is not ashamed to say, “I’m a Christian and I do have morals myself.” She knew that it is kind of daring to date the guys you know are not Christians, the ones who are kind of wild. But stay away from these kinds of guys because you are going to lose something along the way. Dickson and she were having problems in their dating relationship. They fought a lot. He picked at her a lot and she got hurt a lot. She tried to explain to him the guilt she felt about sleeping with him. She tried to stop it, but he just would not accept it. She had evaluated their relationship and to put it bluntly, it stunk! He did not treat her right at all. Never thinking maybe God want us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Blindly she thought in the back of her mind, “If he got married, everything is going to be different. He is going to love her. He is going to take care of her, and he is going to care for her. This was a big mistake on her part.

A True Story That Is Common Among Youths Seeking Love

You do not change a person no matter how much you try and no matter how much you love them. You can take your dating relationship and magnify it about ten or twenty times and that is what your marriage is going to be like. Television, books, movies, songs–all these things that influence our lives these days make you think that you can pull another trick out of your sleeve to make everything hunky-dory. But it is not like that. Marriage is tough. Even when two people really love each other and both are working at it, it is still tough. You do not change a person…no matter how much you love them. If she had magnified their relationship ten times or even five times, she would have seen that in the future Dickson was going to go out on her. He was going to slip around with other girls, he was going to lose his temper, he was going to hit her, he was not going to treat her like a wife and he was not going to take the responsibility of being a husband. But she did not do this, she moved quickly. They ran off and got married she is not blaming her getting married on anyone but herself, because she knew that she should not do this. But at that moment, she made a decision without a lot of thinking. She decided if she does not do this, she was going to lose him. What she should have decided was if he cannot wait for her and do it the better way, then it is not worth it. But her emotions were in complete control and her thinking was not clear at all.

A True Story That Is Common Among Youths Seeking Love

She was very confused. She did not want to be hurt. But jumped into this not knowing it would be the biggest hurt of her life. When they told their parents, they were hurt and disappointed. She quit college so she could put him through college. She took any job she could get. She was a waitress. She worked at a cocktail lounge at night, which was awful. She worked as a sales clerk. She did all kinds of jobs to keep them going. Their marriage was just nothing. He did not love her. It was she loving him and trying to make him love her, trying desperately to please him, sacrificing her own feelings. But it did not work. It could not work. You cannot make someone love you. They either love you or they do not. She lived in constant fear he was going to go out and find someone else and he did exactly that. She did not want to admit it because she wanted their marriage to work. Five months after they were married, she became pregnant and had a beautiful little girl. That changed things for a while. He was very excited about having the baby. But a month after the baby was born, things slipped back into what they were–him losing his temper, leaving me alone with the baby all the time and she carrying the load, trying to raise a child and support their family. They were married three years when things happened which made her realize that he did not love her, that he never would love her, that he was not a good father, and that he was not a responsible husband. She could not handle it anymore, so they divorced.

Seeking Love “ The Common Experience Of Dating An Unbeliever ” – Seeking Love at DCC

Giving someone all your love is never an assurance, that they love you back; it’s a trap to expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart, but if it doesn’t be content it grew in yours.

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