How do you control laptop/desktop using smart mobile wifi mouse?

how to use mobile wifi mouse in controling desktop and laptops

Mobile Wifi mouse this is one of the best wireless mouse controlling all your desktop/ laptop having any type of operating system like (window xp, windows 7, windows 8, windows8.1, windows 10), mac operating system, Ubuntu operating system, fedora/Linux operating system…

Mobile Wifi mouse is very rated and having up to 3 million users, with this application you will control your desktop/laptop/Tablet etc. from far distance.

Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and track-pad for your computer, it enables you to control your laptop effortlessly through a local network weather there is data or not

To use this application there are fear steps you have to follow to download, configure and to use this swift wifi mouse, below are the procedure which will guide you in making use of this application (application software).

how to use mobile wifi mouse in controling desktop and laptops

Why use mobile wifi mouse

Wifi mouse has a very fast connection

With you mobile wifi mouse in a particular smart phone you can control more than one system one at a time

Wifi mouse don’t make use of mobile data to work

It works within a very long distance

It doesn’t occupy space in your mobile phone

Wifi mouse works very fast

It has an onscreen icon for swift access

It sizes for the mobile App and the computer/ system server is very easy to download

Wifi mouse have servers for different operating system

With you mobile wifi mouse in a particular smart phone you can control more than one system one at a time

This App is very easy to use, just with your smart mobile phone u can always be in control of your desktop or laptop

Wifi mouse don’t do background data download

It gives you information about update when you integrate it in your settings

How to download the mobile wifi mouse?

The following link will directly give you a fast download for the mobile wifi mouse, there for after the download below will be how to configure your downloaded App >>fast download<<

How to configure the mobile wifi mouse

After your mobile download from the link we provided above, the you have to download the server for the particular operating system you are using, just follow the link below >>server download<<

Without this server download the mobile wifi mouse App will not see the desktop or laptop connected with, after the server download and installation, follow the guide on how to use this swift App.

Features mobile wifi mouse:

Fully Simulated Mouse

Simulated Computer Keyboard

Media Controller

Voice Input Remotely

Application Launcher

Magic Trackpad

Browse computer files

Password protection

Multi-Touch Gestures

Shutdown / Sleep Computer Remotely

Games Pad

Compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS x/Linux

Screen capture (only for Mac now, must update mouse server for Mac)

Control PPT / Keynote Presentation Remotely

Support Bluetooth (Beta for Windows)

How to use mobile wifi mouse

As you have downloaded the mobile app from the first link and the particular operating system you want or you are using, them do the few steps

1: open and on your mobile phone tethering or hotspot

2: connect your laptop or desktop WiFi to your smart mobile hotspot

3: run the wifi server in your laptop or desktop by just DOUBLE CLICKING

4: finally open the wifi mouse in your mobile, you will see your computer name, then click or tap the icon.

5: you are good to go.

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