What It Means To Be ”A Sharp Guy’’

What It Means To Be A Sharp Guy

Society treats a well-dressed man better than the man who is too lazy to care about his appearance. To sharp these days pays. Understanding that appearance goes a long way in defining who you are.

According to Jaachynma N.E Agu ‘s quote ‘’ you are addressed the way you dress. Your attire reflects your sense of value or taste and of course  your speech either makes you or mars you.’’ Having said this, it doesn’t mean that SHARPNESS is all about appearance.  Because there are certain phrase you can never hear a sharp guy say. Why? Because it would be unnecessary.


What It Means To Be A Sharp Guy

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Read down to understand what it takes to sharp. At the same time you will know if you are sharp or not. The list goes like this;

  • Only shallow people care about how you look.

This has always been the excuse of the man who goes out in a grubby pants and a T-shirt. Now they always complain about their luck with woman. All the girls who keep passing him up are just shallow, and only interested in the surface things. Hell No! a sharp guy is never a shallow person.

Looking sharp is not putting on an illusion, it rather complicated issue and you look funny. Now looking or being sharp as I said earlier is not only about the look but about the MIND SET.

·        Impression

Guys who dress sharp to attract woman and don’t care about their appearance otherwise are easy to spot in a crowd. Now a sharp guy wearing the flashiest suits and the most expensive jewelry and their over-the-top accents don’t match. The sharpness is in his being worried about impressing the ladies or anybody. Takes his time to look good regardless of whom he is going to meet.

·        Time

He takes his time to look good no matter whom he is going to meet. Content makes a poor man look life a rich man discontent makes a rich man look like a poor man. Want to be ignored dress like someone inconsequential. A sharp person has a code for different occasions. Example, going to a really high-class top-review restaurant at the peak of its popularity, just wearing a decent suit isn’t going to get you in faster. He knows that dressing like someone who has a bit of influence and station in the world; people will be quicker to make sure that you attended to. While the man with a shirtsleeves waits outside.

·        Trust

What It Means To Be A Sharp Guy

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Big men don’t lie. Sharp guys are bigger than the little lies of the everyday, why? It is of no use to them. Even the poor builders benefit a lot from dressing good. A construction worker in slack and a good polo looks like someone who you’d hire to build your dream home. But the same guy in a filthy T-Shirt and his painters’ pants looks like someone who might case unexpected delays and over charge you. A sharp person has time and a place for everything.

I am successful

If you have brag about your income that is because you are not dressing as well as you could. So, don’t brag just dress nicely instead. Most of the professionals out there who expect real respect for their achievements. But they still wear off-the-rack suits with no adjustment.


what it means to be sharp

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Looking sharp is all about mindset and appearance. Sharpness depend also on the not looking forward to impress others but always on the real.

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