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WhatsApp messenger

On this page, we will guide you on how to download, Update and Upgrade a WhatsApp Messenger for Android smart devices, by noting that this App, when Downloaded, Updated or Upgraded and installed on your make devices opens the door to many features of this Smart Android messenger which we will list the features now…

WhatsApp messenger?

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware and cross-platform instant messaging and Voice over IP service. That is not All…

WhatsApp messenger

As you should know before know that Android Messenger is one of the best social platforms across the Globe today, As we all know that Technology is now taking over the world, making communication very much easier than how it has been for years back from now, we believe Technology and Science will continue to make much different of the World today.

Features of WhatsApp Android Messenger

This is free Android messenger available worldwide.

This App provides free but instant messaging platform for all users of the App just like a Facebook messenger.

On this Application software for Android users can easily communicate face to face with each other using Video call feature.

Audio Notes for better talk to talk conversation is made possible via this App when downloaded and installed on Android devices free.

WhatsApp Messenger update is free for both older and new App user worldwide but still with lesser file download size.

Mobile Friendly messenger

User-Friendly interface is made possible on this App which makes users love App more

Easy to Chat with single Tap to do any operation

Update or Download WhatsApp for Android smart devices

To make a free Messenger download is very much possible, making a download for Android devices please follow the procedure as

  1. Whatsapp messenger download from the main website
  2. Android messenger download from App stores

The first Download process via the main website

  • First, Login to www.whatsapp.com
  • Click on Download buttom
  • Select mobile devices
  • click on Android devices
  • Click on “Download now”
  • Wait to finish and Tap to install on devices.

WhatsApp messenger


The second Download process via App stores

  • If you have any of the App stores on your Android devices App stores like Google play store or Palm play store, we go ahead as follows but if you don’t have, Download the latest Google play store freely Available.
  • Tap on any of the App stores
  • Click on the Stores Search Box
  • Type-in “Whatsapp Messenger” Hit Enter key to search
  • Select WhatsApp Messenger
  • Tap on Download or Install key under the Messenger
  • Kindly wait to Finish

Thanks for your visitation and Enjoy your smart communication Via WhatsApp Today.

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