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WONDER DATING SITE: is an online dating site that integrate both single, married, seeing someone, living in a complicated relationship, living in an open relationship and many more. In a dating site there are many feature that you will see below that will guide you on how to register and login


Remember in any dating site it is always good to keep some secret avoid disclosing it to the wrong parties which may lead to internet fraud and hacking of your account e.t.c so I advice you keep your password and other information that is worth keeping as secret to avoid all this things that I made mention above


Steps or rules are the things you need to know when registering in any dating site and the information you give during registration are required to be genie and correct information about yourself in times of your name, date of birth, your email name and your interest on the site, however here are the major steps for registration in wonder dating site

  1. Type the name of the web site https://wonder.dating in any browser of your choice
  2. Select your gender and marital statues|relationship statues example. man, woman and couple
  3. You will still see the second column that you will select your relation statues example single, married, seeing someone, living in a complicated relationship,living in an open and many more
  4. Click join now to go to the last registration process

After you click join now it will take you to the second process or interface which will display the second process of your registration with a sentence ‘‘you ’re almost in’’ it will prompt you to select your country and select a particular city inside your country which you want to be chatting form and then click next to go to the last registration process


This is the last things you need to fill in your registration process when registering in wonder dating site which after that you are free to enjoy your ride in the site and in other to start interacting with already registered persons or people depending on the choices you made during the process of registration

  1. Your date of birth, the year, the month, and day
  2. The username, this is the name that those you chat and those that will chat you will know you with and it is public
  3. Password
  4. Email
  5. Confirmation of email
  6. Your interest
  7. Then click join now to enjoy you chatwonder dating SiteHappy Dating dear Lover. And Do share with Friends

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