Broken Family And The Major Causes

broken family and the major causes

Broken family and the major cause…. The family remains the foundation of a great society, when the foundation seem to be poor, there’s bound to be destruction.

broken family and the major causes

Broken family is the major cause of societal problem because family is the main root of an organised society. When a family is broken, the society as a whole faces a great deal of anarchy.

Once the family is broken, children live with one of the parent, or many a time there are looked after by one of the grand parent.

In such family, children have bad childhood as they witness the separation, or lack of parents love together.

The family remains the foundation of a great society, when the foundation seem to be poor, there’s bound to be destruction.

For some, a broken family was caused by a divorce, abuse, neglect, or the death of a parent at a young age. For others, a broken family is the only thing they know.

Major Causes of Broken family

broken family and the major effects

Some of the major causes of broken family include;

  • Alcohol Addiction

If accidentally, a woman gets married to a man that is addicted to alcohol, along the line the wife would find this addiction as something that she won’t be comfortable with.

Nowadays, most men put first the love for alcoholic drinks over their family members. Alcohol addiction has put most married lives in shambles due to late night drinking.

After years of patience and endurance, the woman might decide to file in for a divorce.

  • Unfaithfulness

The incessant increasing number of divorce cases all over the world, is basically as a result of unfaithfulness. It could either come from the woman or from the man of the house.

In this case, it could be as a result of poor sexual performance by the partner. Sometimes, it is caused by the insatiable sexual appetite displayed by the partner.

When the sex hungry partner can’t get to satisfy himself or herself, they look for sex workers to quench their lust.

If the woman or man is found guilty of breaking the sacred vow by cheating, the family love breaks down.

Nothing destroys a man or woman’s heart, other than having sexual intercourse with an outsider. No one woman or man can live in a house with a lying cheat.

  • Lack Of Care (Time):

Learning to give adequate time to your family, helps to boost the love in the family. As humans, we always want someone who would be there for us whenever we need them.

If you hardly have time for your family, your family would fall into pieces.

No matter how busy it might be at your place of work, the little time spent with family, shows how much care we have for them.

The love for family should come first over any other thing in this life, knowing that love is all that matters.

  • Unforgiveness / Lack of communication:

In the Christian religion, it tells us that “to err is human and to forgive is divine’’. Couples no longer sleep together in one bed because of the powerful grip of unforgiveness

Many people ruin their family, health, and their lives by taking the poison of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness.

“Who are you helping most when you forgive the person who hurt you?” .Your fellowship with your spouse flows freely when you’re willing to forgive and let go.

But if you hold a grudge against your spouse, the connection of communication is cut off, thereby leading to broken family.

In the family, communication is really needed, “for it oils the wheel of any relationship or marriage”.

  • Nagging:

Nagging may seem to be normal in the women’s world but in the men’s world, it irritates them. Continuous nagging from women has a way of affecting the psychological state of a man.

It is written in the bible that “living with a nagging woman is like a man trying to climb a sandy hill.

So, if you are in the habit of always nagging, deceit from such attitude in order to keep your marriage.

Most times, some things are best overlooked rather than engaging in war of words. If not controlled, might lead to physical assault on the woman.

  • Lack of Financial Support:

broken family and the major causes

It is advisable when starting up anything in this life; you must first of all, equip oneself financially. So also, does it apply in planning of a happy family.

Therefore, if you must start up a family in this era, you should first ask these self questions;

  • How much do I have? [Your capital].
  • Do I have a business of my own? [Your asset].
  • What happens if the needs of the family become insatiable?

If you’ve answered positive to the self questions, you are free to get into marriage with anyone.

But if not fully positive to the self questions, don’t dare go into any marriage, before you end up in a broken family.

  • Third Party Involvement:

Most marriages end up being broken because of third party involvement. We have so many evil people masquerading as best friends waiting to ruin families.

You must learn to keep family issues a secret, for that closest adviser might be your Delilah.

In marriages, as time goes on there’s bound to be issues, but our ability to settle those issues amicably with spouse shows maturity.

“Sorry is an eventual word that needs to be said to one another, so that things don’t progress to world war status’’.

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