successful marriage and management

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successful marriage and management


Marriage a sacred union between a man and a woman, in this 21st century has been made a child’s play; people have lost the true purpose of marriage in the society. Going into marriage or a relationship, one must consider “getting to meet with the right person and at the right time”.

Furthermore, most marriages fail to stand the test of time”, for time brings out the uniqueness in something or someone. In discovering the weakness in the man or woman’s life, the couple tend to seek for a way out of the marriage.

In addition, the incessant alarming number of divorce cases around the world can really show that ‘the Sacred union’’ has been taken for a common relationship between a man and a woman.

Consequently, most marriages have lost its lovely taste because it lacked the very essential ingredients needed in keeping a long lasting and respectful marriage. The major ingredients include the following; prayer, understanding, self control, love, and patience.

Major Factors to consider for a successful Marriage

In planning for a successful marriage, couples should bear in mind to consider these five (5) major ingredients:


A common saying has it that ‘prayer is the master key’’. What I’m trying to say is that prayer is the master key to all closed doors in marriage; the bible tells us to pray without ceasing no matter the situation we find ourselves.

In marriage, ‘couple that pray together stays together’’, for in the state of prayer the spirit of God takes control of every situation.

Married couples should put on the Armour of prayer in order to sustain the marriage throughout their lifetime. The major factor in keeping marriage on a smooth line of peace and harmony, can only be achieved through incessant connection with the spirit of God in prayer.

In marriage, you have to face temptations from the devil whose only mission is to destroy all that the Lord has made good.

From the time of the creation of man (Adam & Eve) in the bible, God himself had already established a sacred union between them.

Believe me, tried times are going to come but it has not come to stay in your family. So stay strong and keep living in peace with your spouse.


The reason for most successful marriages, is that both couple have come to understand one another. You should learn to bear with one another in tried times, handling bad times maturely.

Tried times should be handled amicably between spouse, without showing any form of nagging.

Self control

You have to keep your anger in check , if you really want to have a successful marriage. Learning to accept defeat when you know that you are wrong , for it shows a great sign of maturity between couple.

Most in importantly in self control, is learning to say the simplest word “sorry’’ when you are wrong. But the word “sorry”, appears to be among the heaviest of words when we wrong someone we love.


Most men find it really hard in helping out in the kitchen and in preparing the kids to school. In most part of the world, especially in Africa, the kitchen duty is left solely on the woman’s shoulders.

Love is an abstract thing but brought into reality through expression. Men should always be at the woman’s side in the time of pregnancy, helping out in house chores.

The little love you show to your wife in time of labour, goes a long way in building a successful marriage and strengthening the bond.


In the course of married life, things might be going rough at some point in time but not for long. At this point, what the marriage needs is for both spouse to stand with one another, never letting go.

Sometimes, when it feels like giving up, always exercise patience with one another. In most cases, some couples would have to wait for over 20 years of marriage before conceiving but they keep on living as one.

Therefore, no matter the situation, always find something to hold on to knowing that no condition is permanent.

Always bear in mind, that “there is no successful marriage without its trials’’.

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