Have you been looking for a way out, look no further to System Battery and Laptop Maintenance full guide;


System battery and laptop maintenance requires little guidance in maintaining laptop batteries.

Most of the time, people complain of the low power displayed by their system battery, resulting to getting a new battery. The normal duration of a healthy laptop battery is about 4-6 hours.


But if your system battery starts to experience problem, it would only lasts for about an hour. If the battery acid starts to get weaker, the system shuts down by its self without displaying a warning signal on the screen.

You should bear in mind, that when the laptop shuts down by itself without the proper system shutdown process, it starts to destroy the system hard-disk.


The following 10 easy steps in system maintenance, for a better and long-lasting battery experience;

  • Please discharge the battery to 8%, and then fully charge at the first time.
  • When use the battery at first time, if it has two problems happened: it shows 100% power immediately when charge the battery, or it is full.

But when discharge it shows 0% at once, in this case, you can discharge the battery to 0% in standby mode then recharge it.

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If it cannot solve the problem with above method, please contact with the dealer.

  • It is a must to turn off or recharge the battery if it discharges to 8% in normal operation. It is forbidden to discharge to 0%, or it will be easily damaged and thereby shorten the usage life.
  • When use the laptop for the first time, please discharge it to closed automatically, it will take up to 10-40 minutes to charge the system battery from 0% to 1%.


It is a normal phenomenon; please feel free to make use of it.

If you find it takes more time to be recharged after the battery was fully discharged for a long time, please be patient, because it takes about 30 to 40 to be normally charged again in general.

  • Please fully recharge the battery if the power is gone within two days, or it will be easily damaged or cannot be charged.
  • It is a must to charge the battery above 80% before long time storage (above three months) and the power cannot be lower than 80%, or it will be easily damaged and cannot be charged.
  • Battery need a circle use frequently, discharging up to 8%, then charging full discharging and charging once per two months at least, is a recommendation for battery to reach a best condition.
  • Should keep away from heat, high voltage, avoid the children touching the battery.
  • If the battery used for long time and the capability invalid (valid for 2 years), please take out from the laptop and stop using it to avoid the risk of fire explosion.
  •  When u buy the battery back, and find out that the battery cannot charge or charge fully.


Maybe the adapter cannot be compatible with the laptop.Please close the laptop or change to the correct adapter in order to charge.


  • Never take out the charging or discharging battery from the laptop.
  • When battery discharges, do not discharge the battery when it is lower than 8%. Strictly prohibit discharge the laptop battery to 0%.
  • To avoid explosion, thrown battery into the fire is prohibited.
  • To avoid any short circuits, thrown battery into the water is prohibited.
  • Battery using more than 18 months or more than 300 cycle times, please remove battery from laptop. There would be risk of explosion or fire to use battery when it was more than life span.
  • If you use make use of adapter with laptop for a long period of time, please detach battery from laptop. Better lay up for a long time, needs to be charging every 3 months.
  • It is forbidden to disassemble and hit the battery.


Making use of the system while it is plugged to light, can be healthy for the battery acid. But needs to be unplugged from the switch when it stays about 2-3 hours after 100% full charge.

The essence of unplugging the system from the light, is for the system temperature not to experience high temperature. Read More …

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