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Grab your pen and paper, take a sit and chill let’s roll on how to make the best quality liquid soap right at any place you are now. make liquid soap in the best quality you want at home or any place you are in these steps…


Firstly, note that following procedures accordingly is the main key to get a quality soap because this involves chemicals and once you omit or misplace one procedure for the other it will yield another result which will lower the quality of your soap.

Secondly, this training is for 20litres of soap and the chemicals to this measurement cost 1500 NGN 4.22535 USD that’s in abakaliki… You can find out about your area but am sure it won’t cost more than that.. It’s safer to let the person selling these chemicals know how many litres you are making cos that’s what will decide the measurement of the chemicals he will sell to you.. In other words, just say please give me the chemicals for 20litres of soap and you have it.

Thirdly, get your bucket and a long turning stick, let’s roll ☺ .The names of these chemicals, it’s description and effect on your soap.

Then intellect online training is available for you on how to make Liquid Soap and others

1. Pac/r or Nitrosol: they are both thickening agents but u can’t use both you only have to choose one of them, I prefer pac/r though it takes time to dissolve but it increases/rise but Nitrosol dissolves immediately. Its powdery, and off white in colour.

2. Texapon: looks like jelly cream (Vaseline) but not as thick as that, its colourless with shining appearance. It’s helps ur soap to foam and gives it that shining look when used properly.

3. Soda ash: white in colour but not as powdery as pac/r and it’s a stain remover.

4. Caustic soda: still whitish too and not particularly powdery. Also a stain remover too.

5. Sls: white and powdery but serves as thicken agent too.

6. Sulphonic acid: deep brown in colour, sticky and it’s a foaming agent that also thickens your soap.

7. STTP: white in colour, powdery (though not smooth). It’s boost the foaming of your soap.

8. Formalin: looks just like water. It preserve ur shop.

9. Glycerin: a colourless fluid that gives your soap that glitring appearance even when use to wash plate, the effect is seen too.

10. Perfume: any fragrance can serve but I use lemon perfume. It gives your soap that pleasant smell

11. Colour: powdery and beautify ur shop.. I use green colour though we still have others like blue and so on.

*Am sure u don’t want to develop back pain ☺….. So stretch ur back a little and chill let’s move to the procedures. Note: when stiring, make sure you get the necessary reaction before adding the next chemical.


1. Pour 15litres of water into a bucket ( by the time u add other chemicals it will make up 20litres or a little more… Better to make a thick soap than watery one..and u can add little water if it’s too thick at the end of the day) and pour pac/r inside. Then stir for Sometime.

2. Add texapon and stir until you get a foamy reaction and shining appearance, then cover ur pocket and allow to stay for at least 2days so your pac/r can dissolve well and rise too.

3. After that, stir very well in case there are little clumbs that are yet to dissolve. Then add soda ash which you must have poured into a little quantity of water (50cl) and allow to cool for 3hours (this Will reduce the harshness) if u pour directly, your users will have their palms peeling. Stir after adding the soda ash until u get this harsh look on ur soap.

4. Also pour caustic soda into Water and allow to cool for a at least 3hours for same reason. Then add and stir until you get same harsh look on ur soap.

5. Pour sls directly and stir immediately and very well too, to enable it dissolve and you will notice dat ur soap is a little thicken than earlier.

6. Pour foaming agent and stir till your saop foams well.

7. Pour sulphonic acid and stir very well till your soap foams more. Add little water to the remnant and add cos u sure don’t want to waste ur resources 😁 .

8. Pour STTP into a little water and add immediately too, then stir and your soap keeps foaming.

9. Add formalin and stir.

10. Add perfume and stir until you perceive the scent from ur soap.

11. Pour colour into a little quantity of water, then add and stir well until it’s properly mixed with your soap.

And Hurraaayyy! Your saop is ready 💃 💃 .

*Am sure your don’t want to develop back pain ☺….. So stretch your back a little and chill let’s move to the procedures. Note: when stiring, make sure you get the necessary reaction before adding the next chemical.

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make liquid soap | Caution on how to make liquid soap

*Caution: pour acid into water not water into acid. Avoid touching caustic soda and soda ash with your bare 👐, your can use glove or tie it hands with nylon.

*if u are a student then kudos cos u can package in little table water container and sell to your colleagues and lodge mate. Hotels use this soap for cleaning so you can sell to them.. It’s also use in the laboratory and, at home to wash clothes (not white clothes but u can avoid adding colour to your shop if you want to use it on white clothes), to wash plate and mop the floor and wash toilets. Laundry owners also use it to wash clothes…. So Good luck to your sales.

Then intellect online training is available for you on how to make Liquid Soap and others
Then intellect online training is available for you on how to make Liquid Soap and others things

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