iPhone Made in USA? Cook: Where? Actually the iPhone is made in the United States

Do you know? According to CNBC, Apple CEO Cooke said in an interview that she emphasized that although the iPhone assembly work is done elsewhere, its equipment and manufacturing are spread throughout the United States. In fact, the iPhone is largely manufactured in the United States.

iPhone is Made in China, this is basically no suspense, right?

What is CNBC?

iPhone Made in USA? Cook: Where? Actually the iPhone is made in the United States

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Cooke also said that Apple does not need political pressure to increase jobs in the United States. They have already done so. Before Apple announced plans to pass taxation, capital investment, and create jobs, it will give US$350 billion to the U.S. economy in the next five years.

What is Cooke?

iPhone Made in USA? Cook: Where? Actually the iPhone is made in the United States

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Cooke said that Apple does not consider expanding its operations in the United States. At present, Apple’s operating team is mainly in California and Texas.

Cooke said that the iPhone is made in the United States.

This explains why you are not satisfied with the webmaster’s home (Chinaz.com). March 29th, although Apple is a U.S. brand, in the eyes of most people, most iPhones are assembled in Chinese factories. Completed. Despite this, according to Cook, the iPhone still belongs to the United States. Read more

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